What does every youg new 3d artist need beside heart and paiten????? equipment basest

What does one new as far as studio making? making a private studio or something maybe post a picture of your little studio or your set up thanks mikey :RocknRoll::ba::ba::ba::ba::ba::ba::spin::eek::yes::yes::yes::yes::no:

Umm maybe later.

umm maybe now

http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3567/3812590361_b990684d6d_m.jpg I do my best Blending in my office. Here.

is that really your set up or did you blend it

He just ripped it off some humor site. Look at the bottom left.

Okay damit,ShnitzelKiller ratted me out…not really my office.

But you gatta admit it would be SWEEEEEETTTTTT!!!

And that’s because my shit don’t stink!!!:evilgrin:

mines not done yet

What??? Your shits not done yet…get on with it man!!!

I sit 2 feet away from Bill Gate’s setup. In the smaller desk… :frowning:

What does every youg new 3d artist need beside heart and paiten??? equipment basest

A great start is to speak and write properly.

Judging by the title, A VERY, VERY, VERY BIG dictionary ( with lots of big pictures to color in, and lots of big colorful crayons :stuck_out_tongue: :evilgrin::evilgrin:)

so what would you have in it if you could make your own studio??

lol, I just have a computer, qith keyboard and mouse, adobe after effects, and a piano right beside the computer! Not very much, but I would suggest a tablet :yes:

whats a tablet

haha no. I was talking about my studio… which is just a really nice computer

and a tablet is a touch screen that you use a pen on

you need talent. You need good people on your team. For good people you need capitol to pay them. Mostly you need capitol like any starting business. Better english skills wouldn’t hurt. You say your from Texas but jeez the thread title and posts look like some person who doesn’t know a word of english dropped a sentence of Chinese into a really bad translator program.

dude… “What does one new as far as studio making?”

Not really. It’s more a pressure sensitive mouse in pen form. Touch screen makes it sound like it displays an image.

Why would one need “a set of buildings in which a legislature meets” unless, of course, your business plan is to go up to Capitol Hill to get some pork barrel money to start a studio.

Well aren’t you witty. Looks like my English skills are even worse than Mikey’s, considering I mixed up Capitol with Capital. I wasn’t trying to be a smart ass when I told Mikey better English might help if he’s trying to start a business in the U.S., I’m sorry if that makes your crack less ironic Uncle Entity.