What does every youg new 3d artist need beside heart and paiten????? equipment basest

My English is not bad i just don’t feel the need to put periods and everything so fu about my spelling!!!1:RocknRoll:

and whats a good tablet for a 3d artist to begin with and how do you use it in your work

I recommend a Wacom brand tabled and usually anything above the intuos 2 level.
If you want more information on them, I recommend google.

thanks any body know if the bamboo tablet 99 $ is any good i want to start 2d animation to get the basics first before starting 3d any tutorials on 2d animation and working with with a bamboo tablet thanks

money :yes:

any better help

Your missing a helluva lot more than periods there buddy.

You asked and I gave my suggestions. I wasn’t trying to take shots at you.

dont you have anything better to do lol no life

Hey - I’ve been reading your post with great interest and yes I do agree you have potential. From experience in helping other newbies in this forum - good ground work is the key.

Before getting into computers, I’d suggest you go into the forest and meditate for a while. This will help in gathering your thoughts about your future.

Then get a pencil and paper (I used scrap paper and pencils/pens I found for free in me travels / wanders mate). Draw!

Have a look at your crappy drawings and then get tutorials/instructions to become a better drawer.
This will help you understand about to get great shots/angles etc on your drawings.

Then do a bit of 3d. Look at your renders, post them up for reviews.

Then start spending money . . . if you have talent, you will know exactly where to spend your hard earned and limited money.


No wundr I kant do 3d and draw stuf

thanks man but i cant draw for nothing im so bad i make a circle look like the inside of a donkey but thanks but whta do you mean i have potential and can you help me with my other post you the first helpful person in the hole thread but can you take a look at my other topic 2d animation on the of topic forum thanks mikey

Any mikey I mean monkey can!!!

Go to ye library and git yeself a book mon!

If ye can’t read and follow tutorials in the first two chapters ye cannae do nothing . . .

Ain’t no point in me tellin’ ye what tae if ye donnae do it . . .

Sheesh mon . . . look up the 'net for ye tutorials . . .

Have ye a great day . . . . .

I’s off to smoke a joint now …

@ kbot,LOL,good advice maaannnnnn!!!

when you criticize other people’s language, at least be proficient in it yourself… YOURself

thanks for helping me dyf and kbot ill go to the public library and start learning how to draw better man and now everything go to be alright thanks mon and thanks for the motivation mon thnaks real now enjoy this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyYZUhSeRYc&feature=related