what does "full sample" mean

it is under anti - aliasing .
I suspect it slows down the processing
still trying to make the best sharpest video to show on our television in N America


In BI, the full sample option makes use of created .exr buffers to provide a fully anti-aliased result (even for bright pixels) after going through the compositing stage (it does this by compositing all of the buffers together).

The only downside is that you can’t tweak the setup afterwards and still have a nice result, so it’s mainly once everything is final.

I don’t understand what you wrote.
does it make the video sharper?
when I show the video on the TV it is not sharp - quite fuzzy.
we use pinnacle studio 12.1 to make a video of pix and video. and I needed a sharp 6 second video to put behind the menu.

It doesn’t act as a sharpening tool, you can use the filter node set to ‘sharpen’ in the compositor for that.

I have 2.71
where have they hidden the compositor now?

You should be able to access it via the window menu (in the far lower left corner of all created window spaces).

maybe your version is set up differently.
it is not in the lower left of any window.
the top thingy - screen layout - has compositing. but that was no help!
maybe you can post a screen print?

There are lots of tutorials about blender compositing, just make some searches on the Internet. But basically just switch to node editor window, click compositing icon and check ‘use nodes’. Then you should see all the noodles.

And you should render your scene into several pictures, eg. 25x6=150 frames. Because after that you can encode the video on many different ways. I think your h264 settings make your video fuzzy and blur.

thanks. of course I don’t understand it!
I am now trying xvid.
and will start a new thread to get info on encoding.

encoding video what does the bitrate do? I changed it from 6000 to 20000 and it made the file bigger .
also GOP? MUX? Buffer? Packet?
I am trying to get the clearest video to put on the television.
we have a video of pix and video made with pinnacle 12.1.
we want a video behind the menu. 6 seconds long.
so far it is quite blurry.
maybe the 1920 by 1080 tvs cannot be sharp!
thanks all