What Does It Take To Make A Videogame?

With all the many different ways to make a game, I’ve been overwelmed with so many different names of software and hardware and the terminology involved in explaining it all that it is making my head spin!:spin:

Basically I want to know what are the base things needed to make a 3D video game and what applications (hopefully free) are best to use in combination with each other to deliver a nice game with out all the head aches? Obviously you need a 3D application to model and animate (like blender) and I know you need some type compiler to write and execute the game script or a game engine but really beyond that I’m stuck. I’ve done basic 2D scripting in Blitz Basic but I suspect that 3D scripting is a tad bit more complex.

I ask these questions mainly because I was planning to us the Blender game engine to make some type of video game and learn python at the same time (I thought it would be easier that way than having to use muliple programs to make the 3D art and animation, have it exported to a scripting language, and find a way to make that work)

(also I’ve heard of some type of combination with Crystal Space and Blender that really help in making a video game, yet the Crystal Space web page has 3 different downloads of different things [Crystal Space, Cel, and Cel start] and I don’t know where to start to understand what one does differently than the other.)

I’d say application wise Blender and Gimp. (Both free)

Mmph! Is the master on Crystal Space. Just the mentioning of it makes him whizz over to any thread. Any help Mmph!?

thanks for the plug The Red Hand,

Game development is kind of like golf, there are diffrent tools for every job.

For the most part, I make everything with blender and the game engine.

For work, and for complex scenes , I use Crystal Space.

For sounds I use pygame

For 2d artwork, I use gimp and Zbrush (not free) and Texturemaker (only free for non-comercial).

Blender game engine can handle lots of different types of games in the game engine.
The only time I suggest Crystalspace over blender is for maps with lots of details.
like 3d shooters, MMO’s, and any other game that is in the first or 3rd person perspective.

Blender is great for other types of games , someone could make a Diablo clone very easy. Point and click games would be another good one. 2d platformers and shooters.
With a clean coder, someone could do a nice real time stradigy too.

If you already know C, or C++, you should go with CS, blender dose not support anything except for simple python scripts.CS has a great Python system too, you can almost control every aspect of the game engine with a pyscript.

Once you have enough knowlage to make a game, the choice will become very clear to you, on what tools to use.

My number 3 engines are, Irrlicht, and reality factory… the only reason I dont use them is the import-export blues!! it is a nightmare exporting and importing models, and textures, and everything else. BGE and CS have me totally spoiled now. I dont ever want to go back to exporting and importing stuff.

I would recommend learning python before trying to make a game (well, anything beyond simple arcade games)

if you want to make games easily and without headaches, you’re in for a bad trip. this stuff takes time, dedication, and lots of problem solving. period. especially when using blender.

Thanks Mmph! for the advice! The game I have in mind will take into account human characters and platforming (like jumping and climbing) I was also hoping to employ blender’s inverse kenetics to allow the character to actually “reach” for a certain ledge or edge and not be some pre rendered animation block. ( I had that idea WAY before Assassin’s Creed :wink: ). I know this might sound a little too out of a beginner’s league but then again, I’ve always been one to try difficult things!

And I guess the first thing to do whether I use Blender or Crystal Space is to learn Python. Luckily from what I’ve seen it reads alot like Blitz Basic (I’m hopeing it’s that way :slight_smile: )

Thre are games from BGE made without python (look up p00f).

my last marble demo only uses scripts for the sounds, so I can use pygame, everything else is just logic bricks.

python is a good thing to learn, but if you really want to get the most out of your time, learn C or C++. If you know that , you will be able to use any game engine, or just make your own. Later Python will be a “piece of cake” to learn, if you even need it.

The Python language is complicated and sophisticated, NASA uses python to controll there sattelites and ATVs. You need to learn the python script used in BGE. It is very,very easy to learn and understand… and is powerfull enought to make any kind of 3d game.
Here is link to all BGE Python Script commands…with explanations…they were very usefull to me.:

Thank you haidme. Those will come in handy. Mmph!, I can’t seem to find the Crystal Space program, just the script for blender. Could you point that out for all of us?

here is the CEL start tutorial.

Regarding logic bricks and python, by all means start out with only the logic bricks, but once you start having really complex behaviors which require dozens of bricks, it’s time to learn Python.