What does mentalRay/others have that Yafray doesn't?

I always really wanted to ask this. What things does mentalRay or Vray or whoever have that Yafray doesn’t? I’m just curious.

MentalRAy is for 3D Studio Max

Yeah, and they spell differently too, right? :rolleyes:

better performance and better integration into the various 3d programs.

No I think MentRay is MentalRay, I have 3DS Max at school for my digital animation class, and MentalRay is spelled like that.

How much faster would mentalRay be if you somehow rendered the exact same scene with Yafray?

Not entirely true. Mental Ray is a rendering system that also appears within both Maya & SoftImage XSI. :wink:

well yafray has GI but that doesnt mean only because MR has GI the quality output is the same.

mentalray is a full fledged GI engine which in contrast to yafray can save photonmapping calculations for further usage.

besides that similar to what blender is getting with the nodes, does mental ray provide. in maya for example you work in a network and stick your shaders with nodes together. that than goes directly to mental ray to render that network.

and there are many other areas. but you can say mentalray is toolset wise and quality output wise and stability wise well it is an industry standart software.

and Mental Ray has render passes ! … Sorry had to say it but it’s true,…

thats not even all

it can prevent texture flickering

it has by far much better AA settings

it can render volumetric caustics vie ray marching

and and and

and Blender.

Blender + Mental Ray was demonstrated today at the Montreal B-Con.

Wow, really?

So there’s a MentalRay for Blender now is there?

there is an export script

mentalray… can save photonmapping calculations for further usage

I’ve always thought that photon map saving is only useful in camera animation, and that it is pretty useless when the scene geometry changes, and that it is a common problem for all the photonmap implementations, and that it is a problem that can be partially solved but not entirely avoided (in any raytracer which uses the Wann Jensen’s photon map techinque)

it can prevent texture flickering

It is the first time I heard about Yafray producing texture flickering.

and and and

And comparing YafRay with mentalray is pointless. Metal Ray has got 50-100 employees and a budget of several million euros a year. It is like those threads that get locked in which people try to compare Blender with a propietary software. Henrymop’s query can be asnwered with a two-lines text:

Mental Ray can do in a better way anything than Yafray does, and can do more things than Yafray too, although more than which you probably need, Henrymop. More info here.


so you say you do not want to have that feature to be able to bake those information even into a texture when your geometry in the animation will not move or even more you are only working on still images? i would have loved yafray to have that feature when i did my poster size renderings.

and yes yafray produces texture flickering with procedurals. that also depends on the detail level of the material.

Geez, just stop it before my thread gets locked, please.

you say you do not want…

No, I want many good things for Yafray, but this kind of comparisons are useless, the differences between Yafray and MentalRay don’t worth a consideration, both because are huge and because some aspects can’t be compared at all. Yafray does have “social” purposes that Mental Ray doens’t have.

There are many ways in which this kind of comparisons can be done in a positive and constructive way. First, by understanding yafray limitations, which are a lot. Limitations as a render engine and as a software project. Yafray is currently a project maintained by an university student in his free time (I bet in his study time too), which is Lynx3D.

If you wan’t to talk about what YafRay can’t do (or doens’t have) like the thread title says, then the humble yafray render might not be made for your “high expectations”.

well it is not a comparison.

nobody said what yafray does better than MR.

I can only understand than a newbie or somebody who never
worked with it might like to know where the differences are.

Then, can I ask you a simple question, cekuhnen?

You have said that “yafray produces texture flickering with procedurals”. Have you reported that problem in the Yafray forums or in the Yafray bugtracker?

If not, why not… given that yafray has helped you in the past with your university assignments. Why not to bother a bit with this simple act and to show a bit of care for the troubled yafray project.

I’m not directly criticising you cekuhnen, you have made other good things in this comunity, the question I’m trying to point out is that the yafray project needs positive, constructive attitudes, and it needs it now. And you have more responsability since you are a Blender teacher.

As I’ve said in another thread, when things as Blender and Yafray are given for free, we risk of attracting merely opportunist people. People who doesn’t care, as long as it works, and when it is anything better and free, then takes the runaway.

Yafray (and Blender) is something more than a software, and it has got things that Mentalray will never have.

hey that is not a bug.

that is an AA option - not all render engines have the code for that.

MentalRay had that problem at the beginning as well!