What does orient_matrix do!


Well, I guess the title says it all, simple question.

I need to know for the following:

I create a vertex, move it to a location. copy it (in edit mode) with SHFT-D and move the copy to another location.

I make a line out of the two and I want to extrude the line on the normal.

The issue is that when I do that, I see in the info window some weird values for orient_matrix.

Does that make sense.

(The ultimate idea with this is that I want the lines distributed end to end around a circle and extrude them by a value so that I can give them a material.)

Hey, Here is the technical first,
orient_matrix (float multi-dimensional array of 3 * 3 items in [-inf, inf], (optional)) – Matrix

orient_matrix_type (enum in [‘GLOBAL’, ‘LOCAL’, ‘NORMAL’, ‘GIMBAL’, ‘VIEW’, ‘CURSOR’], (optional)) – Matrix Orientation

Global, Align the transformation axes to world space.
Local, Align the transformation axes to the selected objects’ local space.
Normal, Align the transformation axes to average normal of selected elements (bone Y axis for pose mode).
Gimbal, Align each axis to the Euler rotation axis as used for input.
View, Align the transformation axes to the window.
Cursor, Align the transformation axes to the 3D cursor.

Its the 3x3 transforms of the operation. You can watch it if you were moving a certain amount required, it really has little use other than that.

If you have a vert in ‘Edit’ mode, ‘E > Z > 1 > ENTER’ will extrude to form a line segment 1 unit long, then extruding that just forms a plane.

TBH, it would be easier just to start with a circle and select how ever many verts you want to make up a segment (Edit mode) then separate them to their own objects if needed. You could also use ‘Curve’ objects obtain your results.

Thanks, good idea with separating the objects, though I forgot to say that I also want to draw lines from each vertex to the other ones than the contiguous ones (not applicable for a triangle…).

What do you say there!


I did read the technical stuff on the API doc, and I still don’t get a good feeling for what it does. What do you mean wity: “Its the 3x3 transforms of the operation. You can watch it if you were moving a certain amount required?”

Hey, not really sure what you mean, when you say ‘draw lines’ that is out of context to me - ??

Just as I said, it ‘Does’ nothing - its only there during the actual operation (visual aid call it) and it is there somewhere in every version of Blender I have ever used - going back to 2.4x days.

Of course ‘drawing lines’ is not the proper way of expressing it. I meant creating segments from point to point. See www.salsaogsubstans.dk/chryzoid for a javascript version…

Neither did I convey the right meaning with saying that I do not know what the API doc does.

I still don’t have a clear understanding of what orient_matrix is used for. Maybe it does not matter since it did not get in the way after all…