What does "Persistent Images" do?


Rendering animation so trying to tweak the times. Doc is a bit vague on “Persistent Images”:
“Persistent Images option to keep images loaded on the device, saved time initializing next rendering.”

What does it apply to? I would assume Textures however seems logical that textures should be implicitly stored/not discarded while rendering sequences by default? I would like to understand what it does exactly, where to apply and if there are any penalties

Thank you

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As far as I understand it both keeps the images between frames and between renders

Between frames, because if you’re using dynamic paint textures change on a per-frame basis
Between renders (everytime you press render)

Be careful when using it. After you’ve done some texture painting, for example, remember to disable and re-enable the option before rendering, otherwise the viewport will show the modified texture, but the render will use the old one