What does Pixar use?

Hi, I will get a bunch of software soon, including Maya, 3ds Max and maybe modo.
I’d like to try them all, but because of school I probably can’t. My question is: What software does Pixar use? If it isn’t Max or Maya, I can always ask for another one, but I’ll have to be quick, so please reply soon.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t know.
But does it matter?
You can achieve similar results with most products out there.

they use Render Man (i think?), their own proprietary software. i think you can buy it, but it costs a bundle. google it.

Wow, that is soon.

I know you can achieve similar results with other software but, well, I don’t know. I was just curious.
I found a link with some screenshots of the software, but only the 3d view. (You’ll have to click the “click” button a few times)

But what software would you recommend (other then Blender)?

geppetto , manV , renderman and a lot of other proprietary software…
and all are out of commerce.
anyway… i agree with Charlesworth999.

it’s not the software that make the difference.

If you want to use Renderman, you can get Maya and then go here to get the Liquid Maya plug-in(It’s a maya to renderman thing, heard it works good):


OK. Thank you. I thought renderman was only a renderer…

They use Maya for modelling, Renderman for render, RAT for interface Maya to Renderman, Shake for compositor, Marionette for animation (no commercially available), Final Cut Pro for editing and many proprietary software.