What does Q do in edit Mode?

I was unable to find anything on the internet, probably because the letter Q is too connected to internet memes, Q & A, politics, etc. There’s even a blender Q website. None of this tells me what the Q keyboard does in edit mode.

When i push it, the lines get closer together and my shapes get smoother and sorta cleaner, but what is it doing?

I don’t think Q is bound to anything by default. Maybe you have an add-on that is using the Q key.

q is indeed not bound to anything, and i think they did that on purpose so we can bind it to unbound actions depending on what we need it for.

i bind Q to smooth vertex when polymodelling, and when i do hard surface modelling i bind it to “bridge edge loop”.

Nothing atm.

Mine is bound to “edge loops” which can be found in the “ctrl-E” menu. Useful with the alt+ctrl+rmb shortcut while in edge select mode (test it yourself with a cylinder that has a few loop cuts to see what i mean)

Yup, i have it set on smooth vertex. I checked. it took a while to find as im not that familiar with the input menu options, which id guess if printed would probably be 10 or 20 feet long.

Guess that mystery is solved. They should have a 1 button default keyboard map, so new users can know what to expect if they accidentally push keys. I get that its all customized, but i never told it to assign Q to anything, and its awfully close to W which i push constantly. Sometimes “smooth” just screws up the positions of my vertices.

here is map for keys

happy bl