what does rigging mean? and how do i connect a mesh to an armature?


i need to know which keywords are correct to search for tutorials on how to constrain a mesh or only parts of a mesh to a sceleton respectively single bones of an armature.
for example what does rigging mean in this context? does it describe the junction of armature and meshbody, or is that the definition skinning? or does rigging only mean deformation of vertexgroups?
i have already read about skinning a few times explaining the process of
texturing. i am a bit confused.
and how do i connect vertex groups to a bone? how do i create vertex groups?

i need a good tutorial on this.
does anyone have experiences in this kind of work and know where to find one?
i’ve searched through several forums here, but there doesn’t seem to be really useful stuff yet on this topic for beginners, or at least not easy to find.
the blender manual-version from mediawiki.blender which i downloaded doesn’t treat this spezific part either.

thanks to all supporters in advance

Technically, “rigging” means the building of the armature and the application of the various controls and constraints that make it functional. “Skinning” means “attaching” the mesh to the armature and setting the various vertex groups and weights required to make it deform properly.

However, many people say “rigging” when they really mean “skinning” so if you’re searching, search for both.

The best beginner’s tutorial currently is the “introduction to character animation tutorial” in the BSoD. You’ll find a link to it in the tutorial section. This is a comprehensive tutorial covering the making of the character, building the armature, getting the two to work together plus materials, animation and more.

thank you so many times:)

i guess i’ll be busy quite a while now exercising that tutorial:) .

i thank the lord there people spending hours each day helping blokes like me:o