What does Servo Movement do

Hi i have a question

Alot of times in post when people have questions about movement problems, people will recommend switching from Loc or whatever to servo control. I can move something accross the screen with servo correctly, but what is the benefit of using this method, since it is recommended so much. Is there something I need to know?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Edit: I usually use applyMovement and it works fine, and i use constraints to not go through walls.

Its like real life movement. With simple motion you teleport. Because of this many people complain they go through walls. Servo Motion uses force so you accelerate to full speed then slow down to a stop, think of a car. If you don’t want the sliding, you can make it stop using Servo Motion when no key is pressed.

Servo motion (like RossBlenderArt states) is like real motion in that the object has a target speed to reach and you supply the min and max acceleration values to get there. Its also useful as you can disable any axis (so you could for example disable the x or y axis and have no slipping if you move around).

Its all about control- force and torque are fine but servo is great for tweaking things to how you want them. Loc (and Rot) are not evil, but they have to be used appropriately.