What does the Property Logic Brick and the Message Logic brick DO?

I have very go experience in the GE but i want to know what the property and message logic brick mean.


property allows you to trigger a Logic brick based in an object property
Clear? :slight_smile:
Classic example:
You have character with Int property: 100- This is the “life/health” span
Now how to control a “health” bar?
Well you can shorten a plane with a IPO curve, each time a collision occurs, let’s say, by 10% - so ten collisions- End Game
Not very functional ( if you want to change style/scale of bar)
With a bar linked to a property brick the reduction its “automatic”, no
matter the bar size
So, very useful for “loading” bars too

Sounds like you haven’t read the Game Reference yet. You can read it online here:


Download a copy to browse offline here:

http://download.blender.org/documentation/NaN_docs/BlenderGameReference.zip (1.2MB zip)

Section 27 has a listing of most of the Logic Bricks (a few new ones have been added since the reference was written).