What does the tiles button in the UV option panel do anyway?

I mean when I enable the tiles button in the UV options with GLSL it doesn’t seem to do anything visually. But even before I never got what it does, a quick look at the manual didn’t help. It must do something if Brecht comitted a fix for it recently. Just to note this is the one where the tooltip says enable tilemode for face.

So what does it do?

its for animated textures
in other words the face that have “tiles” enabled can have the texture animated

EDIT: ho and animated texture doesnt work with GLSL on or multitextures.

I remember Fligh (Godspeed wherever you are) send me a demo file. If tiles is sent, the GE plays the texture in storyboard fashion, a crude kind of animated texture, but useful for small things like pulsating orbs, or security monitor displays.