What does the true level is in blender game engine?

I always wondered .what is the true level in blender game engine in the sensors


Here are the best graphics explaining it in my opinion:
https://gameblender.fandom.com/wiki/Sensors. Check the example with the dot passing the sphere and the overview of possibilities for pulse settings and outcome.

You may also want to check out the (now freely available) book about the BGE by Mike Pan and Dalai Felinto,
Chapter 3.

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By default, a sensor sends a single positive pulse when it activates, and a single negative pulse when it deactivates. When enabling the pulse mode, it sends a positive pulse (TRUE pulse mode) every game frame when the sensor is active and a negative pulse (FALSE pulse mode) when the sensor is inactive.

Example file is provided below to understand this concept.

ex_sensor_pulse_mode.blend (86.5 KB)

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The BGE Guide to GameLoop might help too:

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