what does the 'Warp' buton for textures do?

no tutorial says more than one line about this. just say it ‘warps’ thee textures.
can you explain clearly what this button does?

I believe the Warp button uses the output from one texture channel as the input for another. So instead of thinking of the texture channels as parallel, with warp enabled they become sequential. Like running all your guitar effects in a chain.

one texture will warp the following one
so it does change the shape of the last texture like a bump map

see wiki page for this effect

see pic

the text is being warp through the base texture


None of you said a word different. confusion remains.

see end of page


Here, try this link

Thanks Randy!!
Look what I found!!

what warp does, is it displaces the coordinates of a texture, according to the grayscale value of the texture beneath it. it is a pretty subtle effect though, so, in some cases, not real noticable.