What does these terms mean? And how do I install yafray?

Hi everyone. I’m very new to blender and I’ve seen a number of words related to blender that I don’t know. It would be great if some one would explain what it is and how to do/use it.


bump mapping

edit more confusing terms ready to be explained


UV mapping



Softbodies objects


Solenoid curve

interlaced objects


If you can think of a terms that most beginners would not know, Please post it here. (It look like It may be a good idea to have a “Glossary” of blender features where anybody can post a feature name and explain what it is and does, hopefully) Oh by the way it would be good if anybody could include a list of yafray features, Just put the “(yafray)” before the terms.
This would be a great help for me and any Beginners that may look in here.

I’m also having some big problem with yafray. Everytime, after I download the yafray and install it, I can use it to render a scene (i really want to experiment with it to see what so good about it).

But nothing shows up and it seems like i have to put it in a correct file path. What filepath do i have to use and do it have to be with where the blender program is installed to or what?

I’m really confused. :-?

I want to know how to install YafRay properly too. I haven’t downloaded YafRay yet, but I will…

Hm yes, the glossary idea is not bad.

And about caustics and bump mapping, they’re not “Blender-only” words, but words commonly used in 3D.

Now some definitions :
“In optics, a caustic is a bundle of light rays. For example a caustic effect may be seen when light refracts or reflects through some refractive or reflective material, to create a more focused, stronger light on the final location. Such amplification, especially of sunlight, can burn – hence the name. A common situation when caustics are visible is when some light points on glass. There is a shadow behind the glass, but also there is a stronger light spot.” (Definition pasted from the Wikipedia, because I’m not really good at making clear explanations in english).

And bump map is the name given to an effect that “fakes” relief on a smooth surface (to make it appear rough for example). Hmmm… there’s also a wikipedia article about that, darn, they explain it better than I do :slight_smile:

For yafray, I’m not really sure because I installed it a long time ago and didn’t use it very often, but I think you need first to have the Python language installed, and also to create a directory where Yafray will put its xml files. (Just create a “yafray” directory somewhere, and on the user preference panel, select “file paths” and then fill the “YFexport” textbox with the path to the yafray directory you created. BTW, to access user preferences in blender, just drag down the top bar of the blender window)

[Addition after seeing your post edited: ]
Most of the terms you’re looking for are “common” and could be found doing some search for example on the wikipedia website, at least for radiosity, bezier,nurbs (with an S). There’s a definition of uv-mapping in the user manual, there must be somewhere in the forum a definition and many examples of Softbodies (but I’m a bit tired of searching), and at last, I have no idea why you think solenoid curve, interlaced object and oscilloscope, are blender-related word :o )

Oscilloscope is related to CG :slight_smile: It displays great pieces of abstract art :slight_smile:

But in general it is a scientific/engineering instrument. (just google for picture of it, and you’ll understand what that tutorial was about.)

Thanks for explaining those terms. as for the one not related to blender, I’ve found those terms looking at topic title around this site so i naturally thought that it may have been terms related to blender cause this site are supposed to be about blender anyway. I’ll try and find some more blender-specific terms to be explained soon.

Yeah I thought that it was not a bad idea cause alot of times beginners (such as myself) gets absolutly baffled at the discussion between the more experienced user and decide not to ask for the risk of looking stupid (like me again But i’ve gotten frustrated enought to not care about this) the more the beginner user feel like this the slower their experience of 3D modelling grows. It just an observation of mine but I rather not waste alot of times just twiddling with blender then uninstall it cause i got bored before learning of what more cool features it haves. Take it from me, I’ve done that sort of things too much and I want to avoid that this time.

Hi i was just reading threw your post and had to say don’t worry about looking stupid we all have to start somewhere and at are own pace got to walk before you can run and 3d modeling can be a bit intimidating if your new to it i have only been working with it for about a year and i still make stuff that looks cruddy or it at least does to me but i keep modeling in the hopes i will get better witch i am i personally almost gave up on 3d modeling just because i was having such a hard time understanding it but once you get the basics down it gets a lot easier to understand and a lot more fun if i was you i would watch some of the basic blender video tutorials on the interface and a few others you can find them at http://blender3d.org/cms/Video_Tutorials.396.0.html and just go for the ones that say getting started will help you a lot i no thay helped me well good luck and i hope you injoy blender

unfortunatly i’m hard-of-hearing (well actually deaf but i have had speech class for so long i talks better than most of the hard-of-hearing prople i’ve met) so i won’t be able to understand any of what the videos may say :-? . so that kinda why i’m trying to do a glossary so i can read a certain types of information. I understand stuffs the most once i learn what one stuffs does and how to do (basically the function and limits) instead of a step-by-step tutorial.

thanks chrome for understanding.

P.S. by the way i’ve only had time to write this reply(classes and job). Later on, i’ll add some more terms. (hopefully tommorrow)

don’t quote me on this but i herd awhile back that there is a windows media plugin that puts what there saying in to text and displays it at the bottom i cant remember what its called i just herd about it from a friend awhile back if i where you i would do some looking on the net maybe Abel to find something

also this is a link to like the blender bible has every thing almost or atleast a good place to start


oh those WMP caption and lyric are only possible if the video file itself has certain data included. It like the regular TV shows, Only the TV shows CC-programmed (by the way CC mean closed caption) can be used with the build in caption decoder most TV nowaday have.

I haven’t gone there yet but Thanks anyway for the links to the blender-bible, chrome.

Grr :< i’ve been too busy lately with pre-calculus homwork and boring bagging job. I need some more mind-occupyeing works. In fact i rather do the home work but i need the money. GRR :< again
Couldn’t get enought time to look up any of the terms beside putting up some quik posts.

well you could try and contact the guys that make the video tutorials and ask them for a transcript of what there saying and make your own CC but i don’t know if that’s possible. i am going to keep checking this thread and try and help where i can :smiley: if you have any questions you can Personal message me and i will try and answer your questions :slight_smile: