what does this error code mean?

hi ppl,

what does this code mean?

Compiled with Python version 2.5.1.
Checking for installed Python... got it!
Ignoring Xlib error: error code 158 request code 146
Ignoring Xlib error: error code 158 request code 146

i get this message after launching Blender 2.45 on Ubuntu Linux. afaik it does not slow down my blender, maybe causes some crashes…

i am just interested what does it mean, and how can i get rid of it.

im making a random guess of that it doesn’t find xlib… or atleast that theres some kind of error giving problem/bug either in xlib or the way blender is trying to make use of the xlib… :confused:

the warning says it’s ignoring it so you can ignore it too…:wink:

This has been asked alot…and that is usually the answer you will get.

But it has bugged me too…not so much that the error was there as why it was there… so I finally decided to look into it more… It seems that blender opens a new window (a new render window for instance) it wants to do something ( actually 2 somethings…) that your Xlib server is not able to do. Blender is telling you that it can deal with it and is ignoring the xlib error(s) and so can you. As for getting rid of it, I found this in the bug tracker:

strangely, that bug report is for: Ignoring Xlib error: error code 169 request code 147 and that is also what my terminal says…the error #s probably depends on what version of Xlib you are using.

if im not wrong, i corrected that error excluding the wacom entry on my xorg.conf file in ubuntu 7.04, i believe that error is related to (not have) wacom tabelets, in fact its not really a bug, its just the result of a bad system configuration.

i hope this help

thanks, I get this error on ubuntu 7 also and I’ve always wondered what it meant