What does this mean?

:confused: I’ve just been wondering, what on earth does this mean??
What site is it importing?
Where can I find “-v”?
What is “traceback”, and what purpose does it serve?
I think I’ve heard of traceback somewhere before, but I don’t remember where…


That’s because no installed Python was found - although this does not answer your actual question.
However, if you install Python, it should go away…

I have got python!
It doesn’t seem to work, though, as Blender only likes version 2.4 and I’m using Python 2.5…
Thanks for explaining it, anyway:D


Not really sure, but -v may be a command line option.

Also, unless I am mistaken (going out on a limb here), the version of blender, eg. 2.xx, refers also to the version of python it uses.