what does vista do?

what does Windows Vista do that XP doesn’t? I mean, aside from look shiny and fill up 40 GB of HD space. All I can see is DX 10 - but open GL won’t work in windowed mode because the desktop runs on DX, right?

Nothing Linux can’t … and can It’s just XP that’s shinier and takes up mega times the resources. Basicly your just paying for DX 10. In fact it boggles down your computer in crazy ways, which would make xp much faster. Check this out: http://badvista.fsf.org/

It will digitally manage your rights for you. You don’t want to accidentally copy a CD, do you?

it sucks up your computers capacity, requiring you to spend hundreds of dollars on new equipment.

therefore, i am upgrading next week.

it’s got purdy windows!

also, it increases Microsoft’s profits

It has Windows Media center built in to the premium versions. Improved interface geared towards the everyday user for ease of use and multimedia. Improved security features via “Defender”. As far as the opengl issue is concerned…Vista offers 3 ways for developers to call OGL functions. The first is through directx which is less then ideal indeed. Second is through legacy ICD’s and lastly they have Vista ICD’s which I know diddly about but other game dev forums and what not I have read through seemed to be happy about. So yes out of the box ogl is crippled but eventually drivers will be able to bypass the directx calling of ogl so hopefully everything will run smoothly.

Sorry somebody had to be positive about it. :wink:

Vista doesn’t seem to be made for the graphic designer so if you are using Blender on linux then stick with linux. If you’re on a windows machine you might want to wait and see what others say about Vista before upgrading. I have to at least dual boot with Vista so I can do tech support shite at work for it.

it doesnt do squat, its just another way for Microsoft to make a profit by “upgrading” xp…

the only thing i seen fairly useful in it is the voice recognition… which in their presentation turned out to be a complete fluke (they blamed it on ambient sound even thou no 1 was talking)

and the other feature is the improved indexing and searching feature…

otherwise its just a software that will report every single one of your actions to Microsoft so they can rat you out to the companies and so forth leading to a law suite against you

That’s why Windows 98 is the best.

It also has new fangled HD DRM technology. Thats if you dont have the right hardware & it believes you dont own the HD movie it will downgrade the resolution just for you…

Some people have already had troubles with this.

Funny thing is that it will cause the machine to run slower, as it has to downgrade the resolution on the go.

fair enough, for some reason I prefer the old 95. But it could just be because that was the OS I used for 6 or 7 years.

I went mac and I’m not turning back.

Vista gives you much more choice than XP:


I mean c’mon a signed limited version. :rolleyes: They’re using every gimmick in the book to get these things out the door.

I dual boot XP and OS X and I don’t really see a need for Vista. XP handles all my games quite well. Apart from the odd DirectX error of course when I have to revert to OpenGL.

A bit off topic but where’s Burnout:revenge for Windows? I got Juiced and NFS Underground and they run quite well but I’ve looked everywhere for Burnout.

I will let tech enthusiast iron out the bugs in Vista. Which means I will stay on XP for two to three more years.

I use Blender on Windows XP (home), Linux (work), Mac OS X (on the move) and I am quite happy with that :slight_smile:

However this lead to an interesting question. Wonder if someone asked it before… if yes point it out for me :

“How well Vista can support Blender?”

I heard some awful things about OpenGL and Vista…




So damn true!
Been running it for 9 years now :yes:

98 my second favorite, i prefer 2000, its pretty much bullet proof and all the application that only run on XP (and now vista) are bullshiting because they work on 2000 aswell

i have a feeling that Microsoft would go into a shit hole if it wasn’t for them signing contracts with companies such as HP and dell for mass distribution… but i still have a feeling that people would prefer to either buy bare bones or turn to companies that don’t sell vista in their system as a pre-install.

quite right - if you compare it with other versions of windows:D
I am “triple-booting” (can you say that?) win98, suse10.0 and freebsd6.2. I like linux very much and I use it for nearly everything (including blender), freebsd is for homework, win98… well - it is okay for games (e.g. skichallenge, every Austrian’s favourite game :wink: ), but I still use freebsd for homework: running a virtual machine with win98 :rolleyes:

I dont think DRM will last too long, those clever hackers out there always find a way to bypass corporate crap like that. I wouldnt be surprised if the code were distributed in shirts and songs just like the code to break CSS encryption on dvd’s.

it was funny how microsoft were saying that it would be the most important piece of softare this year, but mostly they have developed it by taking ideas from other ppl, apple, linux and locking the system down so that developers cant access more than they “need” to.
There was a bbc radio 1 broadcast which asked the uk microsoft spokesman why the new virus protector let in 500 viruses and wasnt able to locate another 200 on the system, which was quite funny.
Will there be a time when I would have to buy vista to play a game?
It seems that its really only the gaming and the graphics that need to have windows, anything else can use macOSX or linux.

what does vista do you ask?

take up 15 G of space on screensavers and
let in more viruses and hackers than any other operating system. :stuck_out_tongue: