What does YafaRay actually do?

A while ago I downloaded YafaRay and the required Python version (2.6.2). So far, I’ve noticed no change my my render quality, and the ‘Yafaray Export’ option under the Render menu does not show up. What’s going on?

Don’t know about the second part as I never use Yafray but I can tell you what it does. Yafray is a alternative rendering engine. It allows for effects such as caustics which are not possible with blender internal. The renders from it should look slightly different though. I suspect you could have an install or compatibility error if the renders look exactly the same.

YafaRay is an alternative rendering engine. I personally find using LuxReder (free) much easier and effective. You will have to assign materials again to all objects, however it’s worth the hassle. There are presets for many materials like car paint or glass already in the menus, and they look very nice; lighting as well. And also you’ll see your results much faster than with the default engine. Instead of the image appearing line-by-line you’ll see a grainy render that will slowly become sharper and sharper.

The first thing you will have to do is actually use Yafaray to render with, and to do that you will have to get the exporter working.

Yafaray currently only works with Blender 2.49.

Some people on Windows have reported it helps to remove all installed versions of Blender, then install Python, Blender, Yafaray, in that order. Make sure you remove all Yafaray python scripts first.

I strongly suggest you read the available documentation:-

Particularly the installation guide:-

…and troubleshooter:-

Thanks, I might be able to get it running after reinstalling it. If not, LuxRender seems like a good bet.