What does your bicycle look like?

Here are a couple of mine.



Lot like this guy except mine’s a '64 and has been disassembled for 7 or 8 years now.

Mine is a Raleigh Ambush. Pretty much looks exactly like this:


except i have a hub dynamo and disc brakes. different kind of seat, and from the tapes i’ve modified the lettering from “HELKAMA” into “b” and “m”.

oh, and the back “rack” is bent because of carrying my friends too often.

edit: oh yes, and i’ve changed the tyres to all-black.


I’ll tell you a secret: mine has two wheels (omg how does he drive with it then :confused:
My bike looks almost the same as basse’s, except mine is dark blue instead of black.

This is mine:
The elmo sticker puts it all together…

linkxgl: very nice. but are those rubber or plastic wheels?

here is one i’d like to have… too expensive, maybe have to build it myself one day…


I have this one, except a lot more beat up.