What does your room look like

I’m lazy, you know that. So please don’t blame me when you answer that this thread already exists.

I’m brave… be brave… be brave… I’m the bravest.

So anyways, what does your room look like? :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you designed it yourself or has it been designed by anyone else or sth?

Like a mess :slight_smile:

Mine looks like a human pigpen with CDs, DVDs, TVs, stereos, cameras, guitars, amps, keyboards, computers, old computer boxes, assorted papers and books, busted monitors, dirty dishes, empty beercans, and my girlfriend’s underwear hanging from the chandelier. I decorated it myself.

What’s yours look like?

Same here, there is a small circle of visable carpet around the chair, and a path of visable carpet to the door.

i think my rooms is somewhere under all this junk… hmmm… any 1 got a shovel?

This is my room (press P to start, arrow keys to look, F1 and F2 to toggle between cameras):


Very simplistic and orderly, really.
A bed along one wall, a desk with my pc along another, my librairy (ain’t just books on those shelfs, but I call it a librairy anywa even though my stereo’s on it) and wardrobe along the third with a board with drawers and my television on it. O, let’s not forget about the carpet :stuck_out_tongue: Nice, fluffy carpet :stuck_out_tongue:

My room looks very pretty…

When I can find it

Over here to the left, we have my bookshelf:
___mostly organized
___a large chess set
___a Mastering maya 7 book and Maya character animation book
___a music stand (for my violin music) all folded up
___books about education, literature, theology, counseling, and India

In front of me is my desk:
___Dell Notebook
___logitech USB headset
___a bunch of burned cds/dvds (including FFVII AC burned CD)
___my bible and a bunch of paper from projects I’m working on

Behind me is my bed, a foldup couch bed, though I leave it down and made:

A big huge smiley frisbe on the wall :slight_smile:

Clothes and Video equipment in the closet.

a pile of memories to someday go in a scrapbook hidden behind my bed.

(like my paint skills?)

ya well my room is like 7foot wide
and like 13 foot deep
and my roof is slanted so like it’s 6.5 foot on one side and 4foot on the other

any my whole floor is empty carpet i have no computer in my room
and is mostly clean

Because I can’t be bothered explaining it, I will merely present a terrible picture I made of it in Blender a while ago. Please excuse the inaccurate details and note that it is really heaps messier in real life. Once I work out why I can’t attach any attachments I will post the pictures. Where’s the manage attachments button?!
Edit: Never mind, I’ll just use an image hoster.


The green square is my bed on the floor,
The grey square is my work-out bench that are currently holding most of my clothes,
The red “L” is my computer desk with a tv on the side next to the wall.
The blue square is my full book shelves.

what you can’t see is the horrible mess the whole place is :smiley:

(Here is a link to the original images so u can see the dimentions of the place, http://www.windmillapts.com/media_library/267/447f215e64134705.jpg )

Here’s a vrml model of my house. Get thisplugin to enable vrml in your browser - download the cortona vrml client. It works on Firefox too…
To navigate, use your keyboard, rather than mouse. If you need basic instructions, check out this page
My room is somewhere in there :slight_smile: