What doesn't translate


I suppose the biggest trouble that I’m having right now is figuring out what works in the GE and what doesn’t. I’ve used Blender for many years, but never touched the GE. Now I’m playing with it, and am frustrated that many of my usual ways of doing things no longer work.

For instance, I’m trying to add text to a game. So I select Add->Text and I go on my way. But unfortunately, it seems the GE doesn’t support loading even Blender’s own internal font. It works if I convert it to a mesh, but that doesn’t work if I want to edit the text. As far as I can tell this is the only way to do text: http://www.blending-online.co.uk/8501/17001.html

Is there a list of things like this? Like how texturing has to be done through the UV editor and not the object’s material settings, etc. Any help would really be appreciated as I acclimate myself to new waters in Blender.

If there is, I never heard of it.

Usually, information like that is gained through experience. As you go on to try things, you’ll slowly figure it out.

Just like you did with text.

most of it is common sense- can most game engines do it? if none can, the BGE probably can’t. if most can, there’s a cance the BGE can (though that’s not certain either)
for example, text objects in blender don’t use vertex data (I assume they’re curves, but I dunno- it’s processed behind the scenes so I’m just guessing). since most, if not all, 3d game engines use vertices (as opposed to beizers or nurbs or voxels or whatever) the BGE probably can’t.