What dogs are thinking

My idea orginally was “What does a Chihuahua see when looking in the mirror?” Then I had the idea of what would a Great Dane see in the mirror. Thanks to everybody who commented and gave advice on my work in progress thread.


This is so funny especially the bottom one. The bottom one could be said for humans too, thinking we’re better looking than we are or wishing we were bigger/smaller. Made me laugh. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words.
I agree with your thought which is probably why I did the scenes in the first place. I think Norman Rockwell’s painting “Self Portrait” was sorta an influencer. If you’re not familiar with that painting, an artist is looking in the mirror to get a reference for his painting he is doing. The artist’s painting is a younger much more handsome version of himself than what we can see in the mirror. I’ve always loved how Norman Rockwell could make somebody laugh with a painting.