what editing software to do this?

How do i edit a video like this?
how to get the intelligent effect?
its gotta be fake people aren’t this dumb…


Yes, they are, and much worse.


From http://blenderartists.org/forum/misc.php?do=showrules

Don’t flood the forums with irrelevant and unnecessary posts or spam. BlenderArtists is a professional, moderated forum. It is a place to talk about all things related to Blender and computer graphics in general. It is NOT a free speech forum.

And further down, under Potentially destructive, hurtful, and unapproved content:

Politics, political expression and political propaganda are considered inappropriate.

What particularly annoys me about your post is that you’ve worded your spam to disguise it as a question about video editing. In plainspeak: you’re spamming BlenderArtists.org on purpose, because you’re intentionally trying to “trick” us into viewing your spam.

Please go to http://blenderartists.org/forum/misc.php?do=showrules and read everything. I mean it everything, before posting again. Most of us know it as common sense, but from your post, you’re obviously the exception to that rule. You may argue that your post is appropriate for the “Off Topic” section; if so, please take a look at which types of threads in “Off Topic” have been locked (hint: the padlock icon) and then reconsider.

You’ve been repeatedly told by the mods to lay off the politics.
Go to a political forum fer f*cks sake. I don’t give 2 sh!ts about your political views.

Personally, I didn’t consider the post political; it was certainly a great method of highlighting stupidity.

And as it was in off-topic chat, I was curious about the title. It amused me.

To the above posters, read who posted, then decide if you want to read on not - actually try taking a little bit of responsibility for your own actions.

Video title: Obama supporters celebrate no more Israel
And the content full of youth boasting in Obama as a means to end Israel, and single handedly solve all Iranian conflict as well. They appear to be drunk.

Yeah, not political content. Sure.
Going by your “personally, I don’t consider…” train of thought, racism doesn’t exist either, at least depending on which side you’re on - is that how your logic works?

I did. I even backed up what I was saying.

holyenigma74, You have repeatedly posted what you perfectly well know is against the forum rules. Go post your ‘message’ somewhere else that is more appropriate. If you constantly do this I can only see this as spamming which may lead to sanctions.