What effect would you like to learn how to create?

Hello guys!
I was thinking about starting to create some videotutorials ( style Yofrankye tutorials ) about creating some techniques for make advanced graphic effects with Blender Game Engine.

So which of these you would like to see first?

-> Animated Volume Grass with shadows


-> Real Time Volumetric Cloud


-> Real time reflection Water with alpha

So what tutorial you would like that I create first? :eyebrowlift:
Bye! :wink:

I think first the realtime Water and then the grass tutorial.

First grass, then water

I say grass, then water too.

I say grass and then water also. 0.o

Voting for real-time reflection + ATI tweak (to make it runs!

realtime reflection please

Grass then Water :wink:

I say smoke the grass and then look at the water.

Water please!!!

I’m gonna go ahead and vote grass then cloud

PS if you made this a poll it would be a lot easier to keep track of the results

And how i make this?

Oh and the tutorials will be in Portuguese with subtitle in English ( I can´t speak English good still ) . I think that will be easy for understand even without the subtitles ( but i will make, no problem )

I do too vote for the gras-tutorial.
And man that is a very kind offer of you to provide tutorials on how to create these advanced efffects.:slight_smile:

i vote for water! :slight_smile:

Hmm, looks like you’d have to start a new thread if you wanted a poll.
At the bottom of the new thread page is an option to make a poll, you just fill out the form and voila.

Also, I agree with Soma. It’s a very kind thing to offer your time to make tutorials : )

I’d love to see a grass tutorial as well. It’d be very useful for a mini project I started today!

Don’t worry about the English thing. Sure many people only put in subs because they hate the sound of their own voice. Would you be alright with someone making an English version of the tutorials after you made them? Giving you full credit and linking to your original video of course!

Water please. Thanks for offering to contribute some great tutorials to the community!

I make the tutorials for grass and i´m converting for youtube… ( the subtitles i will make in youtube )
Sorry but the quality was better than I did (I do not have much experience with these things of videotutorials :smiley: )

The link. i already post the first part.

water in the bge
and that bloom thing

Another “Grass then water” vote. :smiley: