What Else can I do with nodes?

Ok well Ive mixed colors to my hearts content and Im not going to lie I had a great time doing . trying to do trial and error and seeing what add and mix and subtract etc… could do but I mean is that ll the node system does . it seems so simple in the interface but what else does it do to me all I can see is just mixing colors .

what have you guys been doing with nodes?


well, for one…



The latest thing I did with nodes

Nodes are pretty powerful you have to admit.

I also once made a landscape using different stencil materials to texture in grass, rocks, and a road and shoreline. They were put together with nodes.

I actually haven’t used nodes for materials yet, but I use them all the time for post-processing.

I use the “curves” node for nearly everything to adjust gamma and exposure. I recently did a 30 second animation where I used nodes to make fades to black and titles fading in & out, and all sorts of things like that. Without nodes, I would have had to use a video editing app to do that.


Very COol !! didnt know you could do that !

BTW . This thread is for people to share there techniques for using blenders Nodes system