what ever happened to blender make head

Hi guys

Does anyone know what happened to the blender make head python script. I searched the net for a couple of hours and only came up with a dead link :frowning:

Especially, is there any good script to make a head semi automatically like blmh, but with more options.


I found it after a whole lot of searching on the net. Give me 24 hours and I will post where. It am at work now and do not have the link.

This one ?

Nope that is headcreatorv2. It basically does the same thing but it only creates half the head then you have to shift-d it.

Make head uses relative vertex keys and produces a smoother mesh in my opinion.

The creator of that script moved on to bigger and better things. Search for “MakeHuman”! It creates an entire human body, but you can still customize the face quite a lot and then separate it from the rest of the body.

Thanks guys

I found the make human and it has quite a configurable face but as you said , the overall delicateness and believability factor of the head made with MakeHead is better. Well I have to sit on my backside and tweak those manually :slight_smile:


skodela I found makehead to be easier to use. I am starting out small with blender. Just doing heads and using fiber2.03 on them to make hair. So I do not need the whole body. I have both makehead and makehuman and I will eventually get around to using the makehuman script. Thought I think it gives me too many faces for what I want to do which is put the figures in the game engine.