What ever happened to Tohopuu?

Tohopuu was like the one way you could muck around with a completely screwed-up build of blender. 9 times out of 10 it would include tons of weird patches and sometimes those patches would be really cool and sometimes they would be insanely awful.

What ever happened to that? SVN, graphicall.org and blenderbuilds replaced the tohopuu niche?

I think the reason they switches from cvs to svn was that now it’s far easier to maintain several branches of blender at the same time, as is happening now. There is a bug-free branch (2.44), a UI brach, a particle branch and so on.

This renders the idea of tuhopuu fairly useless.

It would be so cool if someone would be willing to go through the pains of assembling those branches into one “UbahBlendah”… :slight_smile: