What ever happened to voronoi shatter lab?

I know some people don’t like voronoi shatters, but the majority (me included) think it is very cool! I was under the impression this would become a part of blender after the amazing videos were posted showcasing its power. The source code is available here for developers: http://bulletphysics.org/Bullet/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=7707

Hopefully someone can get this implemented, it would be fantastic! If there was some reason it wasn’t added, could you let me know please?

from your link, the latest update was post on 2012-01-10. So the development is still ongoing, I assume.

My guess - it was never ment to be shared with community. I believe its developer never respond to any of the comments from Blender users. I hope I’m wrong cause I think these simulations look pretty amazing.

This shattering stuff is amazing!
Absolutely need to go after it, for next integrations!!!
I’m looking forward ANYthing that would help me to use this kind of “real time” effect.

I was just going to make a new thread asking about this (weird). I have searched far and wide to find out more about this, without much luck. The examples that phymec has in his videos are absolutely brilliant, especially the video he has of him using the tools from within blender.

I think that the quality and accuracy of the fractures would be very welcomed in blender. I know we already have some basic fracture tools, but getting anything like the examples he has with the tools currently available is pretty difficult. As the OP said, I was also expecting these tools to be added to the trunk at some point. Maybe it was never meant to be added to the blender trunk, but damn, this NEEDS to be added.

Ah, thanks Meta-Androcto. I wasn’t aware that there was any other development on similar addons. I’m surprised I haven’t seen Brenels system that you linked. I have extensively used one of his scripts on a project I just finished. Got to have a good look at his newer one.

Do you have a link to any development of the Destructability Editor, or is this top secret?

I still want phymec style tools though…