What exactly are the values for Pose/Action Ipos?


So I am writing an exporter for my game and I need “relative from parent” bone translation and rotation,
I can grab these values using the constants PO_LOCX, PO_LOCY, PO_LOCZ, PO_QUATW, PO_QUATX, PO_QUATY, PO_QUATZ
as described in http://www.blender.org/documentation/244PythonDoc/Ipo-module.html but I am not sure what are those values relative to,
if there are only rotations all LOC values come up as 0, I though that means relative to itself, but now I am really wondering if these are rather deltas to be added to the original bone transform.

Am I right? what exactly do the IPOs return?


If you set a glass on top of a table, then push the table east two feet, the glass has also moved east two feet. However, relative to the table it has moved zero (feet). Likewise, if you rotate the table 70 degrees, the the glass will also be moved/rotated; but stationary in relation to the table.

Now, imagine you put the table on a truck…

The only bones that are relative to the object are those that have no parent.

Hope this helps.

So, they are deltas right? IE ARMATURESPACE/BONESPACE matrix * IPO[xframe] = transformation for xframe.