What exactly is being developed in Blender right now?

I’m looking at the logs, but I don’t see any direction. What’s the goals for the next realease?

I think there has been some talk about self collision for soft bodies…

You can find some sort of plans for the next release at http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/BlenderDev/SundayMeetingAgenda/August_6th_2006.

“(…) snapping framework? (…)”
is it what I’m thinkin’ of :eek:

What’s the difference between the snapping that everyone wants and the snapping that we already have?

fast workflow, man…
Have You ever worked with i.e. Rhino3D?

What am I developing at the moment? Hmm…

Heaps of improvements to the nla+ action + ipo editors, focusing primarily on the action editor
-> timeline markers for the action editor (from any timeline window in the scene, or specific to an action)
-> hierachial drawing of action channels (see the Plumiferos wiki for a mockup malefico did that shows roughly what I’m aiming for)
-> built-in action/ipo cleaning. The aim of this is to remove un-necessary keyframes.
-> eventually, figure out what to do with the scaling to actions that can be caused by nla strip scaling

For a list of changes I’ve already made patches for, take a look at:



is this going to be in next release, i hope it is!

these all look hopefull i just hope a third of this stuff gets implemented

" -> built-in action/ipo cleaning. The aim of this is to remove un-necessary keyframes."

Oh yeah, now that’s something I was talking about the other day in my animation thread.

  • unecessary keyframes.

Hope to hear more thumbs up

oh yeah,
SNAPPING ! Like in Maya!!
The only feature I’m really missing, since I switched!!

I was wondering about snapping since it’s already now in the knife tool.

So, does anybody know anything about snapping framework against the background of Blender development?

You’ve been mentioning this, yet I can’t figure out how I could do this. One of the options I see after typing k is Knife (exact). Then it’s supposed to snap to a vertex while holding the Alt key, yet it doesn’t. What am I doing wrong?

What does this snapping mean? What does it do?

isnt it Ctrl instead of Alt?

Ctrl key instead. Only snaps to vertices though, no midpoints or objects or anything like that. Which I guess makes sense since the knife only works in edit mode. But, yah, it’s there.

Which means the code is in place and probably only needs to be connected to the other tools and object data? I’m not sure I’d even use it all that much, just curious now that that’s been mentioned.

Another trend that’s pretty obvious is the sculpt tool. Lot’s of possibilities there. And in-house painting has been receiving some attention.

I’m sorry, it doesn’t seem to work. After pressing K and start cutting, nothing is indicated that the knife symbol is being snapped to a vertex. Here’s the workflow: I’m in edit mode, then ‘a’ to select the entire object (I know you don’t have to and you can select only the edges you wanted knifed), I press K, then a knife symbol appears, I start L-dragging while pressing Ctrl. Nothing. Nothing to indicate it’s being snapped to a vertex my dragging path passed on to. Then when I hit enter, another vertex is created.:frowning:

blendDoodler, the snap feature was pasted into place only about a few weeks ago so newer versions of blender only.
That post mentions that snap works in midpoint cut too so I may have slightly incorrect when I said snap doesn’t work with mid points. :slight_smile:

It’s far from being just a matter of connecting the code.