What feature do I have to omit to speed up my animated short's production?

I’m planing to do an Animated Short film, running not longer than 10 minuets, featuring 3 low poly main characters and very low poly crowd alongside Environments and Props I hope to obtain under a Creative Commons Licence. And I have put up a deadline which falls on 20th December this year. (There won’t be much complex scenes. So I believe I’ll have time to put this together)
The question I have is, given that I will be using a Core i3 Laptop with 6GB of RAM for the whole production and Sheep-it Render farm for some of the rendering, are there any specific practices I should take into account?

I’ve been thinking that I should

  • Use polygonal hair, instead of real hair and fur
  • Turn off Subsurface Scattering
  • Use Polygons as clothes, without simulation

Will these options free considerably enough Production time given that these measures will drastically lessen the quality of the production? (or is there any way I can still use them in a manner to preserve the quality?)