What file format to use for output of animation as Image Sequence? PNG? OpenEXR? DPX? Any else?

Hi all! I want to make animation in Blender. Next step I will make output. I want to make output as Image Sequence. Next step I will import Image Sequence into some video editing software. Maybe OpenShot. Maybe Shotcut. Maybe Kdenlive. Maybe DaVinci Resolve. Maybe any else.

This animation will have transparency - Alpha Channel. In video this animation will overlay the junction of two parts of the video. The duration of animation will be near one second.

What file format to use for output? PNG? OpenEXR? DPX? Any else?

PNG is your best bet. Every video editor out there will import a png image sequence. It’s also lossless.

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I recommend exr. Just for the bit depth alone, also I reccoomend you use lossy compression it will be 6-10 times smaller than PNG with no perceptual difference.

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I’m also for .exr. it gives you the most options. Not just compression like @BigBlend already mentioned, but as multilayer you can also save all kinds of layers. Which can then be used by others (e.g. natron or krita) and 32 bit depth of course.

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If your preferred software reads exr, I’d also suggest that. You can use 16bit half-float data and DWA compression if you want smaller file sizes. For all intents and purposes except some specific needs, DWA visually lossless compression is good enough.

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Good grief. The OP is just starting out down this road, guys. Give him a break.

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I agree with @Sackadoo. PNG sequences are very easy to work with and the format is widely supported. Of course OpenEXR is better than PNG, but in a way that you don’t really need to care about right now.


Thank you very much, everybody. Useful information for me. I took in attention