What for those chackers for Gizmo option in Blender 2.8?

Hi! What for those chackers for Gizmo option in Blender 2.8?

Don’t know what your question is.
But gonna take a guess…the ones on the right in the dropdown, turn the gizmos on or off in the viewport, if turned on they stay in the viewport and appear everytime you select an object. The ones on the left let you use the gizmos move rotate scale etc. on a selected object.

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My question is only about right three optinos how does it work? gizmos is there if I will choose the object no matter off or on it in the right menu

If they are OFF in the right menu they will stay off when you right select an object, but if you use the Left icons to Move Scale or rotate they will come back on…if the are off in the right and you use key commands for Grab, Scale and Rotate they will stay off…Now if what you are saying is they stay on No Matter what you do??? something is wrong…Do you have the latest Build of 2.8? and does it do this with factory settings?
I ask because my version works exactly as I have described it…and I have 2.8 RC3 ( haven’t updated recently)

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Thanx for answer… tell me please what active tools and active object difference?

Active TOOL is the current Tool you are using, active Object is the current object you are using the Tool on…

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