What FPS Can Your Computer Play These Blend Files At? (Made in Blender 2.79)

Edit: I included a toon shader file with only 2 characters, because so far it looks tougher than expected to reach the fps I’d like (24 fps).
Seeing how I don’t absolutely need a new PC right now…
Maybe I should wait for AM5-socket mobo’s or something?
Anyone with a super duper CPU and GPU, feel free to reply here.

Hi. I might get a new PC or Laptop. I know general guidelines for PC specs for Blender,
but I don’t know how powerful my PC should be for what I want to use Blender for
(or, if what I’m asking for is too much and if I should re-think my workflow).

So I’m wondering if (more) people can download the attached files and see:

  1. Is it easy to pose the bones? Or does it lag way too much?*
  2. What FPS you get when playing animation in the viewports?

Please let me know:

  • your CPU and GPU model names so I can look up their benchmark scores.
  • if your monitor(s) is 1080p, 1440p, 4K, or 8K (since higher K requires better GPU).
  • OS and RAM amount, too.
  • What version of blender you’re using (preferably 2.79, but I’ll take any version).
  • Optional: FPS after Simplify is lowered by one level.

Edit: I added a new file (the 2nd one) because, so far, no one’s PC can reach 24 fps with 4 characters with the toon shader.

! A TestPCspecs SOLID VIEW(v3) 2 CHARACTERS.blend (1.8 MB)
! A TestPCspecs TOON SHADER(v3)Blender2.79, 4CHARACTERS.blend (2.6 MB)
Optional: ! A TestPCspecs Toon Shader 2-CHAR ONLY (v3)Blender2.79.blend (1.8 MB)

Here’s official download links for Blender 2.79b for your convenience:



(if it’s Mac, whatever it says in About this Mac is fine).
(You don’t have to change the file’s FPS.)
(If it lags when posing bones, try User Preferences > System Tab: Selection middle of window) : pick OpenGL Occlusion Queries (in Blender 2.79). Does it still lag?)
The toon shader works in Blender 2.79, but not in 2.8+
I can’t get BEER/MALT toon renderer to work in Blender 2.8+.
Also, FPS in Blender 2.8+ is slower than in 2.79 overall afaik.


Here’s my computer now but I can post again after I upgrade this weekend to an AMD Ryzen 5800X(same video card and amount of memory).

CPU: i7-6850K

GPU: 1080Ti 11GB


OS: Windows 10 64bit

2-Character Solid View File: 9.8-11.2 fps
4-Character Toon Shader File: 5.5 to 5.8 fps

Fraps says I’m getting 11 FPS in the 2-Character file and 6 FPS in the 4-Character file while posing bones. Posing definitely feels faster in the 2-Character file but if the FPS from Fraps is right, even 6 FPS feels fine while posing. Fraps FPS might not be accurate due to the way Blender updates the window.

Thanks so much for your answer!
I was hoping a CPU and GPU like yours would get higher fps…
Were you moving the bones around while the animation was playing at the same time?
I actually meant to ask if moving bones lags while animation isn’t playing
(cuz for me, posing bones can get laggy if there’s too many verts.
Also, animating while it’s playing might get hectic).
I’m hoping to get 24 fps (same as cartoon animation afaik)

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I’ll edit my original post.

And yeah I’d totally want to know the FPS with a Ryzen 5800x! Its single thread performance is among the best, according to cpubenchmark.net. And it’s got 8 cores. Lucky you!
I really wanna know if getting a similar cpu will help me do what I wanna do with Blender.

Also, I hadn’t thought of recording video while testing it, which is something I want to do.
And now I know about Fraps. Thanks! Enjoy your new CPU!

Edit: I think I’ll change it to 3 3D viewports instead of 4. That improves fps, and 3 should be enough for me while animating.

No, I wasn’t playing the animation at the same time.

Ok, I think I get it now. First numbers are animation playback fps. Second numbers are bone-moving fps from Fraps.
Thanks so much.

My PC Specs:

CPU: i3-370M

GPU: I can’t find the model name for the iGPU on videocardbenchmark.net
(I’m pretty sure it’s Arrandale)


OS: Bodhi Linux 5.1.0 App Pack | Ubuntu 18.04
2-Character Solid View File: 3 to 3.5 fps*
4-Character Toon Shader File: 1.92 fps

It lags pretty bad in either file when posing bones :frowning:
But the solid view file is kind of usable…?

*Note: Ubuntu doesn’t have specular lighting in solid view on my PC.
This might cause higher-than-normal fps, for what it’s worth.

EDIT: ZorinOS Education Lite, Same Laptop:
Solid View 2-Character File (v3): 4.9 to 5.2 fps (posing bones is usable)
Toon shader 2-Character file (v3): 3.6 FPS (posing bones is… kind of usable)
4-Character Toon Shader File: 2.0 FPS (posing bones is… less usable)
^These files had 3 3D viewports.

On Windows 10: (FPS #'s are still for 4 viewports here)
2-Character Blend File: 1.85 FPS at level 3 simplify
4-Character Toon shader file: 0.25 fps at level 2 Simplify.
Posing bones lags a lot here too.

Another computer in our home:
CPU: i5-2500S | ST: 1,661 | CPU: 3409|
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6770M | G3D: < 964 |
OS: Mac OS 10.13.6 Sierra
Blender 2.79

3 3D Viewports:
2-Character Solid View File: 13. to 14.5 FPS
@ Simplify Level 2: 30 to 31 FPS

4-Character Toon Shader File: 4.6 to 4.8 FPS
(@ Simplify Level 1: 14 FPS)
Posing bones is laggy but usable after setting Selection: OpenGL Occlusion Queries.

ST is single thread score on [cpubenchmark.net].

Hi. Did you end up upgrading your CPU? If so, can you please test the blend files again? That would really help me out.
And also can you let me know which version of Blender you used please? Because I was surprised that your i7-6850K and 1080 Ti wasn’t that much better than this iMac in my home (it has a much worse GPU, and a somewhat worse CPU than yours). So I’m wondering if it’s because you tested the files on Blender 2.8+.

I forgot the 5800X doesn’t include a cooler, so I had to order that and won’t have it until next week.

I used 2.79 since you said the shader didn’t work in 2.8+.

Bone posing fine.
2 character 17 fps
4 character , simplify2 9 fps
4 character, simplify1 30 fps

i9 9900K
4k monitor
Blender V2.79


Just a little laggy posing the bones, not too hard to pose. (in Solid Mode)
FPS: 5.2 FPS (SOLID VIEW) 13 FPS (Simplify: 2)

TOON VIEW: Posing is too laggy to be really useful.
FPS: 2.6 FPS (Material Preview) 7 FPS (Simplify 1)

AMD Ryzen 3 3200U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx 2.60 GHz
AMD Radeon™ Vega 3 Graphics
4.00 GB (3.44 GB usable) (RAM)
Windows 10 Home
Blender 2.91.0

2K resolution
CPU: r3600
GPU: 1070 8GB
OS: Windows 10 64bit
2-Character Solid View File: 17-18 fps
4-Character Toon Shader File: 10 fps
Posing with 2 characters is super fast
Posing wiht 4 is doable but definitly not ideal.

@ with simplified,
2 chars, -1subdiv 44fps, -2 88fps
4 chars, -1subdiv 27pfs, -2 75fps

Thanks for replying!

Thanks for posting!

Thank you!

No worries. Yeah, i think higher end intel CPUs are the same. Feel free to let me know when you get your PC set up.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5800X
GPU: 1080Ti 11GB
OS: Windows 10 64bit

2 CHARACTERS playback 18-19 fps in 2.79
4 CHARACTERS playback 10.3-10.5 fps in 2.79

I realized that I tested 2.79, not 2.79b (I don’t use 2.7 much anymore)

2 CHARACTERS playback 17-18 fps in 2.79b
4 CHARACTERS playback 10-11 fps in 2.79b

Sorry, didn’t have time to do posing FPS but it feels fine, faster than old CPU.

Thanks so much for remembering.
How awesome is the new CPU?

Sorry to bother you, but one more thing: is your monitor 1080p? Or 1440p? Or 4K or 8K? Did you use 1 monitor or more? Because higher K monitors need a better GPU.

I use a single 4K 49" curved TV as my display but this was in a 1080p window.

Can’t speak to the CPU yet really, just got it installed last night and wanted to get you the results I promised. :slight_smile: Need to dremel the fan shroud on my 1080Ti because it interfered with the motherboard chipset heatsink(I took it off for now).

wait. You tested it without a heatsink on your CPU??? :hot_face: :hot_face:Can that overheat or damage the CPU??? You really didn’t have to do that… Would the fps even be accurate if the CPU throttled? Let alone, what if the CPU got damaged or bricked your mobo which I really hope didn’t happen. I wouldn’t turn on your pc anymore until everything’s properly cooled.