What FPS Can Your Computer Play These Blend Files At? (Made in Blender 2.79)

Haha, no. :smiley: Just the shroud around the GPU fans(not the CPU). It’s the plastic that protects the fans from cords and stuff. Slight loss in temperature efficiency but from the temp tests, it never broke 70C.

Oh WHEW. You meant you took off the plastic thingy. I thought… wow. Okay.
Thanks again!

GPU fan shroud looks like this. It’s just plastic and small circuit boards with LEDs.

The GPU fans definitely look weird just sticking out of the heatsink.

So, for anyone who’s interested, I noticed that, for 3 different PCs on Blender 2.79, FPS seems to be capped at:

Is this diminishing returns or something??
I’m guessing the 4K monitor stops one PC from getting any huge FPS boost even with a better GPU,
but is it a coincidence that 3 different PCs got almost the same FPSes?..
Then again, only a few PCs were tested.

I might make another animation-benchmark file in Blender 2.8+, just in case old Blender isn’t using the GPU for the toon shader or something (and probably more ppl will respond).
Or is a super duper RTX 3080 in addition to a high-end CPU needed to reach 20 to 24fps for 4-characters with a toon shader?
I know that the solidify-toonlines adds more verts, but freestyle isn’t real-time, and I haven’t gotten Beer/Malt renderer to work. I haven’t tried LANPR yet.

Thanks again for your responses, everybody. If anyone out there has both a super-duper GPU and CPU, feel free to test and lmk your results.

I see. I hope you don’t cut any important circuitry.