What Game Engine to move onto?


I’m fairly sure I used the blender game engine as much as I want to. I’m great with logic bricks, and know heaps about it.

Now, I want to move onto bigger and better things.

I have started my own Indie Game development company, and I need a better, more advanced game engine.

I was looking at Unity3D, CryEngine3 or UnrealEngine3, and I’m not sure which one to use. I’m looking for one with the best graphics capabilities, with release platforms ranging from computers, to consoles, to smartphones. I need it to be simple, and easy to pick up - yet capable.


I’d compare the capabilities of each and see which best meets your own specific requirements.
Go to their respective forums and ask what are the pros/cons of that particular engine
Download the free versions, try them, do they fit into your preferred workflow ?

I need it to be simple, and easy to pick up - yet capable.
I don’t think ‘simple’ and ‘capable’ actually go together if you want to ‘bigger and better things’. As you’ve previously described your self as a coding ‘newb’ don’t bite off more than you can chew, be realistic in your expectations.

What kind of help do you expect?

I agree with Richard.
Evaluating if tools meet your requirements is your work ;). How should we know.

How is your coding skills? Is your company a professional company or is it a hobby?

All those engines you mention require some degree of scripting/ coding to get the best from them. Unity does have a logic like finite state machine plug in called PlayMaker by Hutong Games (but it costs £££) and Unreal too has finite state machines but at some point you will need to be able to code something to unlock the potential.

Also, do check the licensing for other platforms- I know Unity has changed as far as Android and iOS but it gets expensive very quickly. This does not include the cost of Unity either. I believe Unreal and CryEngine have a set limit before they charge lots (and lots!) of money.

My advice would be to stick with Blender unless you know how to code really well. And if thats true, look at something like Jmonkeyengine instead.

Also consider the license fees involved, based on your question I get the impression you didn’t do any research on this?

But the obvious, but still my reaction:
BGE,… if you invest the license money you intent to on an engine like unreal,… and put half of this into the BGE development,… you will be able to tackle any problem you encounter with the BGE.

And as indie developer you are aware of the requirement of being able to code/program within your development team,…
and what is easier to dive into then the BGE? Especially seen your experience and above all the Open Source nature of this solution.

I bet asking this on the unreal engine and unity3d engine or the cryEngine fora, and you will get similar answers: they prefer their engine.

I have some, though limited experience and did my research towards other engines and hence my presence here: I have chosen for the BGE.
So my advice is BGE for the win!!

If you can’t achieve what you look for with the Open Source BGE, then changes are you aren’t able to to achieve any better with those other engines. And if you take into account the money involved you are better of with the BGE.

And for any starting indie company… I expect most of them would choose the freedom and ease of use of the BGE.
Hardly problems you can’t tackle, and as a (small) indie, you do understand and know to value to community aspect of the BGE.

If you knwo you do not go for BGE, then I would recommend to use Ogre.
Would… yes would, because based on the information provided, you encounter problems with the BEG because you feel like you are limited by the BGE’s current capacity and your needs simply can’ t be matched.

But with Ogre, where you even have more freedom, you will need to develop it completely yourself.
Which brings me back to BGE,… most of it is done you just need to fill in those small specialized gaps, which no one was able to fill yet (either because they do not need them, don’t care or lack time or money to do so).

When you encounter a problem with BGE, you solve this by creating the solution,…
but the same counts for the Unreal- and cryEngines out there.

So if you encounter a limitation you can’ t overcome with BGE, it is likely that it is a problem you can’ t overcome at all.
And then again, you are best of with BGE,… because if there a chance to overcome this problem and provide a solution, then BGE community is probably the first place to try to achieve and solve these problems / hard limits.

So you need money or others who can solve problems for you, also involving money (or other compensation),…
and BGE is probably the only engine which lays within your reach (based on the information you provided).

I hope this helps you to make up your mind and can start to either lower your goals, find solution to work around them or solve them completely.
And since this is all possible with the BGE, I sincerely hope you do understand this, before wasting time and/or money elsewhere then to either give up or come back to start where you left.


True, and not true,… if the potential was there to program then the BGE wouldn’t provide the problems encountered and BGE would still be the logic step to solve the problems with / by.

For the rest yes I agree!

haha BGE is so awesome ! :smiley:

I’m looking for one with the best graphics capabilities.

That has not much to do with a game engine to be honest. It’s about graphic skill, which I mean doing more with less. I’ve seen game characters from ±1500 faces that look way more realistic than others I’ve seen with like 5000 faces. And those characters textures were also less kilobytes because of smart usage.

Scribble yout plan with PEN and PAPER first. From here, you’ll get the idea on how the big and flow of the project will be. Then, choose your tools. Overnight success takes a long time.

If people really wants to steal your game, congratulation! You’ve produced a good game.

Don’t be scared of anything… just do it. If its good, money will come to you.

I have a similar opinion to the other posters here. I think that the choice is ultimately up to you, but I feel that the BGE is a capable, highly powerful engine that most people feel is weak because they don’t quite push it to its limits. Do you feel that you’ve done all that you could with Blender? Have you learned Python? I was looking at other engines until recently as well, but stopped because I felt that I knew the BGE too well to just drop it. I’m still learning, and I still feel like I can eek out just a little more performance from the engine.

Or a lot more performance, as witnessed by your voxel and multitextured motion blur demos. :slight_smile:

I am sure that the BGE would still be recommended, because if you already know your game engine, then there is no reason to switch to another one unless if you want high-res games or to sell your games. Yes, using the BGE demands that (sorry, this is how I understand Blender’s license) if you want to sell your game, you must sell the Blender Player and license it under the GPL.

…you must sell the Blender Player and license it under the GPL.

Not true, actually you are not selling blender player, you a just giving it for free and selling only your blend files. There are like a hundred threads about this. You can sell bge games and you can sell even Blender legally. Just search the forums for more information.

BGE is very capable engine. It is absolutely possible to make a good looking commercial game. Unfortunately there are a lot of issues concerning the engine performance, rendering and encrypting the data, and this push the game developers away.

There was a lot of talk about that, actually I still didnt found a good way to sell a game with BGE but about the power of the engine i would say that it can be very effective if you want to make an indie game, BGE probably not ll be powerful enought for a GTA 4 or Crysis game but It can do mutch more then a lot of guys think of it, I keep trying to push BGE as far as I can with my games but I need to learn muth more in order to achieve better results.
This is a scene that Im working on for my game, the graphics are looking quite nice and its running at 50FPS at 1980x1020 size, considering that it is at full graphics and have soft shadows buffered, its running quite well for me.

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

I agree with everyone about what they said, you are the one that knows what kind of game you want, one thing for now is certain about BGE if you want to use bone animations you ll have problems with it since its unfortunably very slow compared to all the other engines, I think that its the point that need more work on for now, you can use it but you ll have a huge drop on the framerate with many characters with bones.

What do you mean? Why not just sell whatever you make as normal? If the issue’s security, then you could try encrypting and decrypting (and then loading) the blend file.

Still I dont know how to do that, so, for me that cant encript the file I dont know how to sell it on a good way.
Specially to make the product easy to have for my client, like just buy a game install and play, not get the file download this and this and this, I need to learn more about coding to do that, and I ll eventually.

If you really feel like you need better graphics capabilities, then move onto jMonkeyEngine. Absolutely, 110%. But you should keep on using BGE for simple prototyping.

Most of them are free or, at least, free to try so download the likely candidates and try them with your own hands. Sometimes there are workflow or GUI/interface issues that will make you prefer one over the other, particularly if you’re intending to develop a pipeline involving Blender.

There are also the 2D game makers, some of which have visual coding, and rendering 3D sprites for use in 2D games (still very popular, particularly online) will go a long way to giving you an edge over others.

I really dont understand how and where this jMonkeyEngine is even comparable with BGE, at their website the graphics of their engine are very simple and I really dont see what was your point abou graphics cappabilities.


I think that’s pretty good. But the BGE might be able to achieve comparable graphics at a similar frame rate. :slight_smile:

nice, but yeah BGE can do this (expect).