What game engine to use with blender

I used to use the blender game engine, I’m looking for an open source engine to sue with it, ether upbge, Godot, panda3d, armory3d, urho 3d. the main issue is finding something that’s feature complete and not buggy, so far last i checked a few years ago godot has nice features but ain’t even close to as efficient as the old bge was, but maybe it’s change though doesn’t seem like it. I don’t mind anything i haven’t mentioned those just seemed the best out of like 50 I looked at. I’m hoping I don’t have to wait years to get an engine that’s open source and actually usable for a larger project. I’m also wondering where to start with upbge and armory3d as most of the features I’ve seen in some videos aren’t explained at all in the manual.

theres slim pickings in the open sorce game engine arena so my suggestion is unity although not open source, it is free and there is of course a plethora of online tutorials to set you off in the right direction Im a big fan of godot but at the min in the realms of 3d its got a lot of catching up to do if you decide at some point to switch to 2d i would jump into godot

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Explain what your project needs. I can’t recommend an engine for it’s capabilities if I don’t know what you’re expecting them to handle.

That aside Unity is crap. Use if you must and never pay them a single dime.

Upbge is the way to go with Blender ! For all the other game engines you have to change everything, from orientations to materials to baking to collisions, shading, if you do a mistake you have to import again, you can’t change it on the spot ! Thing is Blender still changes features and it’s under development ! You still can do lot’s of in Upbge 3.0. I keep improving graphics till Upbge is ready and stable!

Hey man forget about other game engines on Blender artists. We are all dreaming Blender here :wink:

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Any tip’s for learning it cause everything’s undocumented or maybe I’m looking at the wrong things?

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open world, looks about as good as evve that like the minimum. and if anyone’s interested I may know some bugs from bge that upbge might not have found or fixed, I knew I lot of them at one point.

also the newest upbge evve build on Linux isn’t built right.

open source ?
errrr. UDK ? i don’t know it but i think ( wich might not be true ) it’s open…
Why do you want it open source ?
ye, this is a stoopid question as i guess you got reason for wanting this ^^
Personnally i use unity.
For this: a FPS walk in historical places: Carcassonne Medieval city

BGE is also a possibility… Even if i’d say its worse than U3D in a game-creator’s point of view.

game engine…

I’d say EEVEE but never tried it and i think it’s more a renderer than a game engine…

It basically depends on what you wanna show ^^ and do :wink:

happy blending !

unity is free :stuck_out_tongue:
oh you earn more that 100K/year ?
you’ll have to pay a fee !!! :rage:
What do you earn per year ? :rofl:

happy blending !

yes… BGE & UPBGE main feature is the UNdocumentation.
This is the simple reason why those GE are dead-before-born :rofl:

And sincerely… i think it’s too bad !!! :frowning:

happy blending !

Oh you just had to pick the toughest one didn’t chu

I’d say Panda or Godot, write all the performance heavy stuff on C++. If you don’t like coding then you’re already screwed forgive my french. I don’t know how Armory would perform here, but also worth a try why not.

Sidenote open worlds are doable in BGE, I’ve done it without much trouble. But in all honesty it does require going even a few more extra miles for optimization.

After Upbge will be ready, Unreal, Unity etc will be laughing like 3dmax, Zbrush, Maya were laughing before Blender 2.8. And as a matter of fact if Blender will continue to ad features, useless things like 5 programs for one model will be gone! This goes for Unreal and Unity and others, is why they’r bulling around. Personally i think the idea of using one big program for a complete workflow in 3d is a hard accomplishment and we should be proud of it! I always hated to switch between 5 programs, importing exporting, and switching after small mistakes back to first program and so on ! I personally see the Blender game engine as a potential to future creations, as it is … for now !

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Oh boy man. You’re delusional. Blender is cool but it ain’t competing with nothing or no one unless it’s hobbiysts. Blender is still missing so much from other software that it’s ridiculous. Hair/Fur, Muscle Systems, Fat Systems, Simulations, Adavanced Animation ToolKit, and so much more all of this needs to be added to Blender before It get real bro.

And in game design, please, stop tricking people into bottomless pits. BGE has always been terrible, having zero modern features and looking terrible. I mean, there is a not a single commercially succsseful game outhere made with it. Speaks miles for it. Unlike Unity or Unreal which there is a lot of very good games mades with it. People, specially you Dener, don’t listen to the fanatics or delusional people of Blender, Go with Unity or Unreal, best community, best resources and most importantly, it’s part of the Industry, compatibility with other software is guaranteed, even with Blender.


Nailed it.

Some people love the idea of making games in Blender, and that’s ok, they have their opinions and reasons and that’s totally cool, but like Pherion said, it’s for hobby only. I use Unreal and it’s so far ahead in features and documentation that comparing the two doesn’t even make sense.
Plus, Unreal and Blender do play nice with each other, getting models into Unreal is not painful.

Keep an eye on Udemy. They quite often have great sales where you can pick up some Unreal courses for $10. HA! I just logged on and they have a sale going on for a couple of days, $12 courses. I bought a few over the last year, worked through the C++ one first, then tried the blueprints. Blueprints in Unreal are awesome.

Whatever you settle with, good luck.

Blender can’t cover all the features of all the program out there, or at least not at 20.1.2019. It does not mean it won’t get better. But what offends me the most, is you offending me for liking a program and trying to push it’s development. Have i been rude to you about maya not having molecular simulations, or deferential equations, or earthquake simulations ? No ! We all know Blender din’t have pbr and friendly user interface and lot’s of things we need. But you don’t see me coming to unreal or unity communities and offend them about unreal not having a sculpting feature or a complete modeling feature! What i’m saying is that as long as i will play with blender i will donate and push it’s development as much as i can ! And for non Blender users stop offending people outta nothing ! We use whatever we like of whatever we think we can use ! And for the the industry, it seems to pollute a lot, maybe it’s time for a change ! Industry users not knowing to address to people they don’t know is a thing called education. And Blender do educates people, it’s also a beginner friendly program for teachers ! And i ain’t tricking no one, but i have not seen any good game emerging lately from any game engine, beside zombie and vampires :rofl: ! Ok my friend now seriously, stop offending people on the internet, whatever your opinion is !

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My friend stop making propaganda i ain’t switching. I can wait till a game engine is ready integrated into Blender like … till it’s done ! I can make photogrametry, i can sculpt, i can model, i can paint, i can simulate molecules, and whatever it needs to wait patiently ! Ok and have you finished any game in the last year after taking those courses? maybe i can play your’s so i wont get bored and wanting to make my own proper game not to be bored again ! But don’t call for money just to shoot a target cause i ain’t buying it !

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I’m just stating facts as I see them, Blender game engine is not up to the level of Unreal. You seem to take my critique of the game engine as a personal attack. It was not.
If you want to discuss game engines as a rational adult I’m more than willing to do so

I also never directed a comment to you to switch engines, the thread owner was asking about recommendations and I gave mine. In fact, if you go back and read what I said:

" and that’s ok, they have their opinions and reasons and that’s totally cool"

you will see I have no problem with people who love the blender game engine. My only issue is when people get fanatical and try to say it can compete with Unreal or Unity or even Godot.

What i know homie is … that when the game engine was cut off, Holland lost a 2 billion contract in my country for naval constructing ( duch never do things right, not even naval, thing that they claim they’r best at) And if you think i’m a bad example, guess some killed 2 million in wars and nobody cares. What of a bad example am i if i just wanna use a blender integrated game engine ? And even donate for this and actively involve in a small community to sustain a small insignificant interactive activity. What’s so hard and why is the battle and struggle so hard for 50 pages of code ? If i could code i would do it myself … just for a hobby and for fun as you call us hobbyist’s, lunatics, delusionals :laughing:… !

Of the open source engines, I think Godot has the most momentum and seems to work well with Blender. If not free software: Unity3D for 2D and lo-fi 3D, Unreal for hi-fi 3D.