what game would you make?

i was wondering what developers would like to see or play…

change your poll, and learn respect (the last option of the poll is kinda useless)

and without sounding harsh, calm down, I don’t know. It might be a bad day for me…but I feel like you are posting everywhere without knowing everything you are talking about.

sorry…just felt like saying what I thought

Hey, how about adding “single player RPG” to that poll?

i would if i could find the edit icon for the poll…i can only find for my posts

I removed your last option. :-?

I would like to see a online game with thousand of people playing at the same time, where all types of players being able to play from plane simulators and 3/1 person shooters being able to play the same game at the time, ok so i might be jumping the gun. [>]


i have my own idea of what one should be.

I want to play a virtual reality game where there are loads of beautiful naked girls who obey my every command.

But if that’s not available, I guess I’d settle for a third person shooter. I prefer thrid person to first person these days because you get a more realistic field of vision.

I just played the game psi-ops the mindgate conspiracy and it was an amazing third person shooter.

The best thing is to make a twist on the genre. It’s difficult I know but games like whiplash, psi-ops, ratchet & clank did it. Whiplash was about two animals who had been trapped in an experimentation lab and had to escape. They are chained together though. You play as the weasel and the bunny on the end of your chain is indestructible so you swing him about causing damage.

You can even set him on fire, electrify him and freeze him in order to perform certain tasks in the game.

Making an online game would be so hard unless it was a mod. You have to figure out network protocols and stuff. I made a simple one at university and it sucked. The network stuff wasn’t bad because we used Java but it would be a nightmare in C++.

I am already working on three adventure games.

thats what i would do…i have some amazing ways to break out of the lame generic mmorpg we have to deal with…

what about mulitplayer first person shooters? And not those huge 32 player maps - I prefer the ones where you have to hunt your enemy and use strategy and team play to stay alive - a good sniper position is always fun - especially when you can catch them off guard by throwing a satchel in front of a doorway - the stop to look at the satchel and then you give them what for!

I vote FPS i suppose…

I voted MMPORPG but the FPS is equally enticing. I voted for MMPORPG only because of Americas Army www.americasarmy.com being a FPS that is free to everyone, and Runescape was fun, but you have to pay to get the full capabilities (I don’t play anymore, but it was fun)

EDIT: For the MMORPG check out my new post


I’m working on both a flying shooter and a fighting game right now … although the shooter is kinda languishing. cough
If anyone wants to see the character profiles, they’re on my DA page. http://kargath64.deviantart.com/

Personally, I prefer fighting games. I like games that don’t require multiple machines to play.