What games are there for disabled?

i assume there have been games made aimed at people with different disabilities. last year id cared for my dad who ended up with a devastating dementia. he was playing games back in the 80s when owning a computer was rare and just played games all his life, so I was often on the hunt for games that he could still play.
But there were only a few that could work at all.
I am just a bit surprised that it is so hard to find games for people with various problems, with how many games exist.
(I just watched this video https://youtu.be/-IhQl1CBj9U which is what reminded me of this.)


Super Mario Odysee is surprising


Over a number of years, the interactive entertainment space, has sought too re-align it’s recognition in terms of inclusion for people struggling with a diverse cross section of disabilities which has given rise to support networks, that more broadly enable growing community awareness.



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sacboi ok i will take a look through that! That sounds really interesting. It’s like a whole webpage about disability and gaming so it sounds like something useful definitely should be there.

rigoletto wow the super mario one was really interesting, it said there was a study that this was a game that proved helpful for dementia patients. wow! interesting.

" Though this one might come as a shock, researchers have recently found evidence that playing games similar to Super Mario for as little as two months could very well refine brain capacity and fend off symptoms of dementia."