What games are you working on

Just curious who is making what on this forum, what game are you making
what type and how long you been working on it for.

A FPS (GOD another one?) sci-fi actioner that incorporates combos- like in a fighting game. Been working on it for about two months now.

A plants vs zombies :D, working for about 2 months, sorry english.

Have been working on DreamyLand for some months,but currently I’m taking a break and I’m trying to finish off my Sharky game project which I have been working on for some days.

A horror survival game.
Instead of zombies and monsters the player will have to fight large insects, not gigantic insects just large ones.

Two months.

2 FPS games. One is Gun Run, look it up in the WIP section (I am too lazy to link it). And one I am planning out hard-core. I have tons of drawings for it and one sweet gun model and firearm styles. I kind of want to try to sell this one. I want it to be similar to Gears of War. With curb stomping and such. Love that series <3 Great stuff.