What games can do on a 4 core CPU


The demo shown here can not be done on a single core computer. One entire core is even used solely for physics (so much for a PPU)

The incredible environments, dynamic lighting, and near the end when a tornado is unleashed and debris goes flying, all possible with a 4 core processor.

Think, the Blender GE can devote a whole core to poly creating, physics, shading, and logic with the OGRE plugin and create some highly wicked games:D


That is beyond awsome.

As for the BGE & OGRE mix:

I don’t know, maybe, but it will be quite some time I imagine. The quadcore processor just came out, I mean it’s going to be some time before it’s fully rooted and everyone is able to implement it (of course people are still waiting to buy it) It’s new technology.

The BGE-OGRE duo is definitelly something that the GE community has high hopes for, but I doubt anyone expects the level of (godlike) quality presented in that demo video.

When you think of BGE-OGRE, think PS2 or XboX graphics and performance. It will probably always be a generation behind the times. Just the way things work.

Then again anything could happen.

PS:Is there a hi-res version of that clip for download anywhere?

If you combine a 4 core with a Nvidia 7950 graphics card then you would have some serious gaming. Imagine having one or more cores doing physics you can take a 3D Simcity game, unleash a tornado and watch as it turns downtown into a pile of twisted metal and half destroyed buildings. Or an alien bombing run watching pieces of houses and buildings flying everywhere.

this is why I bought my quad core computer… (AMD 4x opteron 275 2.5 ghz/core). worth every penny already, and the software hasn’t even caught up to what it can do (still runnin win32 for stability/compatability, but it’s fully 64bit)

What setup?

4 x AMD Opteron 275 (dual dual-core 2.5 gHz chips)
nvidia mobo, 1 TB RAID 10 (7200rpm 64mb cache)
ATI Radeon x850 XT Platinum edition
4GB Patriot DDR3 RAM

built by Monarch Computers - it absolutely destroys a mac quad core rendering in blender (at least 15-20sec faster) and aftereffects.
I’m so-so about the video card. It can heat up to 90C (tech support says it won’t be a problem until 120C) , and those opterons run hot too, I had to install THREE more fans in the case before it was running at reasonable temps.

It also crashed while gaming ALL THE TIME until I put in a 750 Watt power supply (up from 550). It literally hasn’t crashed once since, stable as a table.

Good to know about the power supply.

You wouldn’t mind telling me how much that monster costed, would you?

That is absolutly amazing! I cant wait to see the future of video game physics in my own living room = ) Investors might wanna take a good long look at this, its gonna generate a hell of a lot of money.

Oh hell, and I just bought my Core 2 Duo system with an Ageia card in it. Damn.

Pretty impressive, but I think all that power is kind of… overkill, at this point… it’d be nice for rendering though.

4 x AMD Opteron 275 (dual dual-core 2.5 gHz chips)
nvidia mobo, 1 TB RAID 10 (7200rpm 64mb cache)
ATI Radeon x850 XT Platinum edition
4GB Patriot DDR3 RAM

Oh god yes.


Lol, “destroys” = 15-20 seconds faster? For the amount of noise that’s bound to come out of it, I’d expect better than that.

Also, you must be talking about the old G5 since AE isn’t universal. The new quad Xeons are twice as fast.

That video looked pretty cool. It looks a bit less impressive in HD though:


It’s also going to be Windows and Xbox360 exclusive for those of you thinking about a PS3.

It’s nice to see the possibilities on the next gen consoles though.

Did you guys see Intel’s announcement of an 80-core chip? I’m not sure why they said it could do 1 teraflop. I thought the PS3 could do 2 teraflops with just 7 cores. They said it could come as soon as 5 years from now.

I’m just happy with my Core Duo at the moment. Watching HD clips while ripping DVDs to H264 in the background. All for just £400 :D.

For most users, anything above dual core is a waste of money just now. I’ve only managed to push a quad to its limits with Shake and that’s only once in a while. It’s nice to have the power when you need it but I’d rather buy a cheap machine and wait a bit longer.

I can watch hd clips to. On a amd xp2800.

15-20 seconds per frame can amount to tens of hours saved rendering an animation. and the case is almost soundproof

But there you have to talk about percentages. You can’t say that if you render an image that takes say an hour and you save 15-20 seconds that you will save the same on an animation. For one thing, you wouldn’t render an animation that took 1 hour per frame because if you did, even tens of hours saving is negligible.

To me, the word “destroys” would be acceptable for a 20%+ increase in performance.

Anyway, back to the Alan Wake game. What did people think of the HD clip and the Windows-Xbox exclusivity?

Wow, thats incrediable.

I have two 2.4 Ghz Intel Xeon Proccessors w/ multithreading

But Blender refuses to use any more than a small portion of my processing power, meaning extreme workflow slowdown with really high poly models. I could really use more CPU power for my current project. Anyone know if its possible to get Blender to run on dual CPUs or with multithreading? I havn’t seen any optmised builds for Xeon.

Help is appreciated,


lando- talk to mpan3, he makes custom multithreaded win32 builds. but unfortunately there’s not multithreading for the gui yet, so it wont help until you render

“To me, the word “destroys” would be acceptable for a 20%+ increase in performance.”

it’s not necessarily always 15-20 seconds it depends on the scene, so actually it IS a 20%+ increase in performance. for an 8 hour yafray scene it’s probably faster by two hours. nice try though, fanboy

oh and macs suck. FLAME ON!

Intel? INTEL? never trusted those guys and never will ^^

I’m on Linux, so I can’t play windows media files.

The “Windows-Xbox exclusivity” just proves that you’ll still need that windows partiton for a long, long time. I have been trying to cross completelly to linux for months now, but there is always something that needs windows “exclusively”.

It really sucks.

my computer chips are all AMD opterons. no intel