What GFX Card?

Ok, i’m currently in the process to spec out a system for blender use.
What i’m unsure about is what gfx card should i use.

However, since i do high poly modeling, the card needs to push at least 3mio polys in object mode, preferably 10 mio. In edit mode at least 100k would be prefered.

Anyone has some experiance about which card is ok or which to avoid from real useage?

Use www.wikipedia.org and search for NVidia cards. I know that the newer MX’s, MX 400 and on, arn’t really that good.

On this page there is a list of the chipsets:

Check this one out:

If you have enough money and a MB with a 16x PCI express slot, go with the GeForce 7950 GX2. If your MB happens to have 2 PCI express slots, you can get two of the cards to run in a quad SLI configuration.:cool:

yeah and spend about $2000 on gfx cards alone… sli isn’t really all it’s cracked up to be - not to mention heat and circulation issues… besides, I doubt blender can even tap into half that power

Well, here’s the pricing… link

oh so only $1000. a bargain!

Guys, i think you did not understand the question at all.
Spec sheets i can find and read realy fine myself.
They however don’t tell me how a card behaves with a certain program under real world conditions.
And if money would not be an issue i would chose a Realizm 800, however money is a considerable issue.
So i ask again, what card did you use that can smoothly rotate on screen in blender 1, 2, 5mio polys in object mode?

I recommend a second hand Radeon 9800, either 128 bit or 256 bit interface will do. They go for as low as $40 (128 bit) and $70 (256bit PRO model). Together with a 2Ghz CPU and at least 512 MB RAM this will run Farcry and HL2 smoothly, meaning plenty of surplus power to run Blender using the latest realtime effects. If you buy more, your money might be wasted from a blenderer point of view.

I have a GeForce 6800 with 256 MB and 1,3 GB on my MoBo. I created a scene with 1 Mio faces and 8 rigs, and I could rotate smoothly in solid mode. Getting a little stickier when duplicating the whole scene, but still smooth when I zoomed a little closer to an object.

Dunno if that helps. All I can say is nVidia all the way.

yeah 9800 pro is a good bet, I had one myself. definitely all you need for blending. I also heard the geforce 7800 is good if you’re looking for something over $100. the 9800 works fine with half life 2 (mostly) but stutters a bit with more options on in far cry. as long as you’re getting a new machine might as well be able to play newer games on it like painkiller. painkiller is awesome.

I have an ati x850 xt platinum - the pci express version come down in price from like $500 to $130 on ebay… might be worth a look.