What going on with this??? (texture)

Can anybody tell me what is going on here and why it is happening please???

Im trying to texture that whole piece but for some reason it wont highlight all of it with the white sections just the 3 you see here…




Just a thought, try going into edit mode, select all and Ctrl-N to recalculate normals.

Best of Luck!!

That worked for making them all the same colour (pink) but now not white it wont allow me to texture them…:confused:



Can you post a blend file somewhere? I am at work now and will have to look at it further tonight.


Actually, pink means the faces are selected. Now, in the UV image editor window, click on UVs…Unwrap. Next click on image…open, to open the image that you want to map on to your object.

Sorry dont have anywhere to upload the blend file :frowning:

I tried what you suggested but it no different. When you come out of face mode to object the area is unfilled and surrounded by a thicker pink line…


Don’t really know how to fix your problem, so I will give a step by step explanation of how I would texture your object:

  1. Add a material, add a texture, go to map input and click the UV button.
  2. Go to the texture buttons and load the image you want to be mapped on your object.
  3. Select your object, load the image in the “UV/Image Editor” window, select all faces of your object and Unwrap it like OBI_Ron said.
  4. Move/Scale/Rotate the points in the “UV/Image Editor” window to fit your image.

To see how it looks set one 3d View window to textured drawing (Alt+Z) and rotate the view, to see if the texture is on the correct side of your object.
Hope that helps. :slight_smile: