What GPUs for Render Fram (mini) with Mac pro?

" Excuses me for my bad English, I’m french "


An architect would have different configurations for Render Fram (staff) on Mac Pro for HD rendering with large textures and animation architecture.

Architectural Animation can have a duration of 3 min and at most 9-12 minutes Cycles GPUs.

What types of processors (TiTan Z, Tesla) graphics cards could be purchased to mount the Render staff Fram?

Here are some examples of animation done by the architect Yorik (Brazil) with Internal and made I think about Render fram online:

Hi, best bang for bug is GTX 780 6 GB at moment, nearly fast as Titan but cheaper.
If you have some time, wait for the new GTX 800 series with 8 GB video ram comming October.
Tesla and Quadro cards are very expensive and they are slower than gaming cards.

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It is possible to use Blender and Cycles in the iMac or Laptop Mac proBook with External PCIe to GPU Enclosure (thenderbold) ?

Link: http://www.netstor.com.tw/_03/03_02.php?OTM