What graphics card should i get

I want a better graphics card than what shipped with my computer. Here’s the stats right now

CPU: Pentium D Dual Core 2.66ghz:D
Sound: Integrated Sound (hate this):mad:
Graphics: Radeon X300 SE 128mb HyperMemory
RAM: 1.0 GB
Monitor: Dell 19" Flat Panel:D
OS: Win XP :mad:

Anyway i want a card that will give me good rendering time and work well with CAD type softwares. I really dont game on my computer except that i might get Battlefield 2142.

—edit— sorry, didn’t cath that last phrase about gaming.

Well, that debends on one thing: how heavy gamer are you? Do you want to play every new game that comes out or do you settle for a bit older games?

Personally I have GeForce 6600GT card, which works reasonably well within my setup (1 gig of memory, 2.08 gig AMD Athlon), even Oblivion runs pretty well even with HDRI on.

I even tried PREY demo and it ran smoothly enough with my setup, so I’d reckon 6600GT is good enough middle type card.

Hmm… Such an original thread.

Dunno how fast they are for rendering, but anything fairly recent, up to date, etc, from nVidia is supposed to work great with Blender.

Prey works quit well even with my Radeon 9800pro (about as strong as 6600GT I think), but with Battlefield, thats a different story. If you want to play it in a decent resolution (min 1024), you should have at least 6800GT or X800, which should cost between 150-200€ (in Germany at least :slight_smile: )
If you don’t want to pay gigantic prices, I think thats whats best for someone with your processor.
also if you have some money left, at least in high detail graphics, 512mb more Ram (1,5gig in total) helps a LOT in Battlefield 2.
Bear in mind that I am a very unrelaible source of Information, this is my opinion, not one of someone who knows what he sais :wink:

i leave originality to the professionals

thx for the tip on the RAM, ill look into those cards.

The GeForce 7300 is currently one of the most powerful cards you can get for 100 dollars and below. I just got that yesterday and I can easily play Rise of Legends with default graphics and the Blender game engine was quite smooth with GLSL shaders (Snail’s demos)

It’s been said before, and I’ll say it again;

The graphics card will NOT help with your render times. Therefore, if you’re not much of a gamer, i’d just settle for something like a 6600GT.

will a graphics card at least help me speed up the work of modeling. Also what WILL speed up my renders.

To answer your first question, no, not as far as I know. To answer your second, having more RAM will help you speed everything up, including rendering.

Bigalexe: Makes loud growling sound

I was so excited i thought i was gonna make my work speedy, and theres no way im attempting a Proc upgrade cause i just bought this rig in august. Maybe ill waste some dollar$ on a sound card and some speakers instead.

Upgrading your graphics card WILL make your real time environment faster. You only really need a strong card when doing high poly or serious animation though. And I just found a killer deal on a 6600 vanilla:


You literally can’t get a better card at that price.

If you feel like going the speakers route, I suggest any logitech product.

i hear nvidia’s work well through out…i dunno how a radeon is on windows though. I have a radeon x1600 on my mac. it’s magical, plays bf2 on high settings, but i only have 1 gig of ram, so i have to put it on medium :frowning:

And Blender’s game engine. Upgrading the card makes the Blender game engine go faster too.

It will if you use the Nvidia Gelato renderer.

If not, all you can do is increase RAM or get a better processor.