What happed to my file? Weird ghosting effect

All of a sudden my geo went weird on me. It could be a rendering thing - I have no idea? I am fairly new to Blender?
Its not Xray Toggle. Rendered in Cycle (Even looks the same)
(version 3.01 Windows)
any suggestions would be very helpful.

Pls see attached.

Welcome :tada: ,
hmm well because even the grid seems to have this ghost effect i would guess graphic driver problems???
But do you have those problems on other files?? On thing you can try is load this file with Load GUI disabled (in the file selector on the right the cogwheel icon and then…)…
On the other hand if this is also rendered… you have a bevel modifer added… maybe more than one? or duplicated the object and then moved it a liitle (see outliner)… ??
(The problem in those cases is often the: all of the sudden … and that we don’t see the whole window… and if then usually the wrong things selected). Spend some tiem here read some other post and then you even can upload a blendfile…