What happen to World -Environment Texture - Button ?

Hello. This morning there is no Environment texture button under world - Background. I been looking all over the place, but I dont see any.

Can you look at my blend and let me know how to get back my Environment Texture button under World.

I run on iMac mid 2011.
Thanks in advance.


Change back from the Cycles Render engine to the Blender Render engine

Thank you Richard. I did, but nothing happen. I been using environment Texture button 100 times with cycle without any problem. So Why it dont work this time.
When i Change over to Blender Engine there is no environment texture. I try 5 times. Still no work Sorry. I have already cyclematerials.

You only see it under the texture options when you have actually added an environment texture

You add the texture via the node editor or the button to the right of the Surface color setting

Sorry this dont work. I never use nodes to add one environment images before, and always easy to add one and never had any problem before.

I deleted Blender from my imac and downloaded a brand new Blender from Blender Webbsite, but I still have problem to find button for Environment texture and then add images.
This is the latest downloaded Blender.

Then you haven’t been using cycles to add environment textures


Add the environment texture node then you can change the environment texture settings in the texture panel


Show an example of a blend file where you have added an environment texture in cycles.
Nothing has changed since cycles was introduced

OK Thanks Richard. I think I solved the problem.(But only maybe)

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You haven’t set material properly

Thanks guys for helping. My new material settings with nodes work perfect.
Thank you. But I am not sure if World- Environment image button vill show up on my next blenderproject. (Without nodes) I still rendering so I can not find out right now. I have never use nodes before when i use World-environment button.