What happend to all those RX 5700 XT single fan cards? all sold out?

I dont buy GPUS often so I was a little surprised to see that nearly nobody offers those single fan blower style cards.

Are those only made in limited quantity?

Reference designs tend not to be very popular since they aren’t very good coolers, so only the initial reference cards are guaranteed to to have them, and yes, reference designs are usually more limited runs.

Still there should be some few from third parties as well. Might be that the stock is just low perhaps.

Manufacturers probably can’t validate as many cards with that cooling solution after AMD clocked the memory higher with a last minute firmware update to make the card more competitive and match what they advertised it as. This also caused manufacturers to pull a bunch of stock to re-validate cards they already produced. In addition the corona virus hitting during/right after the Chinese New Year is hurting Chinese factory production.